Super May Moon

Tonight is the Full Moon in Scorpio.
It’s also being called the Super Moon. This moon will
appear bigger and brighter to us.

So all my sun and moon sign babies in Scorpio,
This is your special moon. For the rest of us, it
can be a great moon for us too.

Scorpio is a water sign. To me Scorpio is like the floors of
the ocean deep. Mysteries, secrets and treasures lie in the
strength and depth of this sign.

Tonight, dive into the depths of your feelings.
What feelings do you need to express?
What obsessions are feeding you or bringing
you down?
What secrets are you even keeping from yourself
that lie in the outer reaches of your mind?

For me, I want to begin to release the weight
of new motherhood that I have acquired.
This is figuratively and literally for me.
Just as a child is born, so is a parent.
A new entity that you have no idea what will
be in you until you become a parent.

As always, do whatever you feel drawn to do
on this beautiful Full Moon. Wishing you all
A wonderful and magickal weekend.



Anishinaabekwe said...

Love this post! Its been magickal already for me! Wow!

Have a wonderful weekend too!

Angie said...

So beautiful---your words AND the picture!! Just discovered your delightful blog this minute. :) Happy magickal times to you too. :)

Anishinaabekwe said...

Wanted to share this with you Shell.

Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Beltane 5/5~ The Depths of Desire --

Tracy said...

LOVE the art image with your post, Shell--beautiful! We relished seeing that magical moon... I'm still thinking about it and setting some intentions. :o) Happy Week ((HUGS)) said...

Lovely Shell, you were on my mind so I popped in to say a warm hello ;)