I came on Twitter last night and saw the trend
saying Whitney had died. I thought it was another
death hoax. When I went on google to see it was
true..my heart felt sick.

Did I know Whitney Houston, personally? No, she felt
like part of my extended famous family. I was 15,
when Whitney burst on the screen. Since then, she
has been a constant presence in music and movies for
me. My mom and I even went to see her in Radio City
Music Hall many year ago.

How she died is still unclear. The past years of
her life mired with drama and drugs. I like to
believe that she was turning things around and
allowing herself to soar again. Especially with
her starring in the remake of the movie: Sparkle.
Her fans around the world including myself mourn her
passing. My heart goes out especially to her family.
They didn't lose an icon, they lost their beloved one.

Everyone has there favorite Whitney songs
and movies, here are mine.

If You Say My Eyes are Beautiful
(duet with Jermaine Jackson)
I Wanna Dance with Somebody
My Name is Not Susan
Run to You
Queen of The Night
I'm Every Woman
I Believe In You and Me
Hold On, Help Is On The Way
Could I Have This Kiss Forever
(duet with Enrique Iglesias)

The Bodyguard
The Preacher's Wife

May Angels light your way to your celestial
home, Whitney.



Kalei's Best Friend said...

Oh, believe me they know... they're just waiting on the toxicology... She was found in the bathtub and I can, as well as you, imagine what happened... The effect of her addiction just ran her life.. A talent lost.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

so so sad - a tragic waste of talent and beauty

Sweetina said...

Hi Shell,
Her passing is so tragic and untimely. I feel so sad for her daughter and her loved ones as well as her extended Fan family. Her songs mark times in our lives don't they?
I am sure she fought very hard to conquer the addictions she suffered. Addiction is a disease, and a very powerful one. It seems she climbed out of the abyss several times only to fall back in again., which is obviously not the ending she would have wanted.
Atleast Whitney is in peace and not suffering now.
And she will be missed.