Big Ripening Moon

Happy Full Moon everyone.

I have been busy. With slaying
some personal dragons and doing
family things.

This August Full Moon has many
names, but I like Big Ripening Moon.
My body feels like it's ripening
every day. Waiting for the beautiful
harvest of my baby.

Tonight is one of my favorite Full
Moons in the lunar year. It's the
Full Moon in Aquarius. Which is
my sun sign!! For all my Sun sign
and Moon signs in Aquarius. This
is our moon.

Since I became aware of the zodiac
signs connected with the Full Moons,
The Aquarius Moon always bring surprises,changes
and insight.

Everyone can still use
this beautiful Full Moon energy.
Aquarius energy is all about Freedom.
Whenever I get restless, tense or uninspired,
I know I need more freedom in my life.

Freedom doesn't mean you have to go
out and do something big like dye your hair,
quit your job, partner or move.

Freedom can be quiet things. Giving yourself
extra time to get ready in the morning, taking
long walks, trying a new recipe to cook/bake.

On this Full Moon in Aquarius, contemplate
what Freedom means to you. Then give yourself
permission to find, do, express or share your
personal sense of freedom.

As always, the energy of this Full Moon sticks
around for another day. Enjoy this Full Moon
Weekend. Remember, feel free!


Laurel said...

love to you my friend

Cinner said...

Tonight my hubby and I watched the full moon as we drove home from my MIL 85th birthday. It was beautiful.
freedom for more moments of time with hubby, yes that sounds good. I am so glad you are feeling good. I love how you speak of your baby growing inside you. hugs dear one.

Tracy said...

Oh, I just love your moon posts, Shell! I have somehow this summer gotten out of the "habit" of my new moon and full moon rituals--and have been missing them. More time for my ritual next round. ;o) This moon is so perfect for you & that! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Vickie said...

You are the havesting a little one? Oh, Shell, congratulations!!!! You look absolutely radiant. I always feel free when I visit Swan of Dreamers!
Peace and blessings!

koralee said...

Oh the moon has been lovely here. Hugs for a great new week. xoxo

koralee said...

Oh and congratulations. Happy dance. xoxo

Her Speak said...

Sorry for the late comment--I've been out of town for a week. I was thinking of you this full moon! And she was GLORIOUS. Wishing you much Joy, Shell!~*