Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday and Dreams

Happy Wednesday.

Thank you one and all for all the love
and wonderful comments for the Tea Party.
My boyfriend, Sean was beaming when I told
him how everyone loved the fact that he
participated. It was so much fun to do.
I can't wait for the next one.

One of my main beliefs: Is that we are
all given dreams to accomplish. Some dreams
take longer than others. Others we accomplish
right away. We can outgrow certain dreams
for even bigger and lusher ones to come in.

One of my most sacred dreams has finally come
true, it has been amazing. I'm going to share
what that is next week. It has been a long time
coming. With the success of this dream,it gives
me faith and confidence knowing that others
dreams of mine will follow suit in their own

With Summer here, look at your dreams. Celebrate,
the ones that have to come pass. Use the sweet
energy of those successes to fuel the dreams
you still desire. Make this Summer one full
of fun and action for your Dreams.

Know that Dreams do come true. It is true for
everyone at any age. They happen
everyday. Who knows one of your dreams
may be coming true today.



Her Speak said...

Needed to hear this right now. May all your dreams come true, Shell!

Sarah said...

I love reading your blog Shell as you are always so positive here and so inspiring. So glad one of your dreams has come true-can't wait to find out what it is! x

Cinner said...

Very beautiful Shell, dreams do come true. I know I commented about your header but when I come and see it I think you look so peaceful and gorgeous out in nature. always inspiring. thank you for all your kind comments lately in regards to my health. A dream did come true for me there. hugs, have a great weekend.

Tracy said...

So VERY HAPPY for you, Shell, that a big dream has come true for you. Eager to hear all about it. Like Sarah said, I too love your light of positivity shining here to inspire us. There's something about summer, isn't there, that inspire dreams and daydreaming? ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

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