Monday Visions

Happy Monday,everyone.

The Aries New Moon was yesterday, we are
still riding the Mercury Retrograde that
doesn't end till April 23rd.(Don't quote me
on that date, now.)With Aries new moon
vibrating, it can give a kick of fiery
energy to our dreams. Especially,
ones that have been sluggish. With all of that
said, Mondays are good to spend time to
flow with our dreams.

Sometimes, I get caught up in doing action steps,
I forget to check in and see how my Dreams
feel to me. Do they feel right? Or do some of
my dreams want to go in another direction? Am
I allowing that happen or blocking my own progress.
Dreams take on a life on their own after a while.
The best we can do is shepherd them along.

What Dreams have I been working on?
I'm writing a first draft of my one woman show.
Also, working on a e-book about acting for
potential students. I did a lot of rewriting yesterday.
Today I'm going to relax. Gaze out my window to
look at the clouds. Then let My Dreams
speak to me and guide me to the next step.



Her Speak said...

I've been practicing with my new band for a debut show in 2 weeks--boot camp! I can't wait!

Inspiring as Always, Shell. :)
Much Joy!~*

KathrynAntyr said...

I love your dreams. Keep at them! Great suggestion to check in on our dreams. Mine seem to be buzzing right along.

Cheers to you and your dreams my lovely Swan of Dreamers!

{soul hugs}
Kathryn, Collage Diva

taio said...


Tracy said...

VERY exciting about your one-woman show and the e-book, Shell! This dreams check-in post was timely for me, as my dreams have felt all over lately. Need to take a little time and tune in. At the moment I'm dreaming of taking an art class in the fall, I hope I get in! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS)) Oh, and Charlie sends love & purrs to you & Mabel ;o)