Dreamy Thursday : Trees

Happy Dreamy Thursday.

I'm sure I will spend a Dreamy Thursday
on Flowers soon, today I have to honor
Trees.They are all around us even if you live
deep in the city.

Trees clean the air, provide shelter
from rain and sun, homes for animals
and insects, provide us with fruit.
Trees are alive to me. Sentient beings.
Perhaps, they don't talk like we do; Trees
communicate in their own ways.

Have you ever hugged a Tree? Seriously, If you have
then you understand. If not, give it a try. Yes,
you may feel shy doing it. If you hug a Tree,
you can feel the Tree's energy flowing into
you. Like SARK says, it's as if the Tree is
hugging is you back. You can also put your
hand on a tree and feel the energy that way. When
I'm outside, I do that as well. It looks
like I'm leaning on the Tree, so no one
looks at me twice.

I always like to ask permission first. How
will you know if the Tree says yes,you'll
get a warm feeling inside your tummy. Each
Tree has a different energy. Some are quiet,
happy, giggly, strong, juicy, zany.
When you are done, say Thank you. You can
also include a small offering as well.
I like to leave shiny pennies or nickels.

When I'm feeling sad, which I'm sure Ive
shared here before, I have a special Grove
where I go to feel better. I sit among the Trees
with a book, music and talk to them.
Trees have great energy. Being around them,
cleans you out of any heaviness/negativity
you have inside.

From Oak to Pine to Elm to Apple to Birch
Trees. They are our Friends. Today, if you
see a Tree. Say hello. Give them a hug.
If you love Dreamy Thursday here,
you can be part of it. All that is
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you feel Dreamy. If you like to be
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Email me at Jettswan@gmail.com for
all the info. Wishing all of you
a very Dreamy Thursday.


Sarah said...

I have hugged a tree-and I have seen the children at Forest School doing it spontaneously too! I can feel their energy too.

Tracy said...

Tree hugging is good therapy--for me and tree, I think! So I love me a tree hug. ;o) I like that you have a special grove of trees to visit when you're feeling low and need a lift. The magic of tree is so uplifting. :o) Happy Weekend, Shell ((HUGS))

Her Speak said...

Oh with spring around the corner this post is perfect! I love being alone with trees--sometimes I like to think I can hear their sap moving. How beautiful and healing. :)

Much Joy!

Anonymous said...

I am a tree hugger, too. I find they even can heal me of a headache. I just connected with my tree this week after a long winter. Thank you for this beautiful post sharing your wisdom about trees. I adore Dreamy Thursdays!!

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

I am a self confessed tree hugger. We are fortunate to have an old forest giant hemlock in our back yard that has been hudded many times by my girls when they were little as well as my daycare kiddies...we call it our magic tree.