The Seed Moon

Dance my friends.
For the Full Moon shines bright

Lady Luna has many names for
a March full moon. The seed moon
fits for Spring comes tomorrow.
Soon, we will see the seeds of
the earth as she wakes up from her
slumber. Life will grown again.

The Full Moon in Virgo is full of
earth energy. You can:

Light green candles.
Take the night to rest and go to
bed early.
Plan nourishing food for your week.
Put old plants in new pots to grow more.
Throw out your old spices, buy new ones.
Spend time planning how to attract more
money into your life.
Pay off an old debt.
Bake something as a gift for a loved one.
Buy a new pair of shoes.
Make a vow to visit more gardens.
Adopt a piece of a local park and spend
time getting to know it through all the

Ah, there is much to do on a Full
Moon. Most importantly, do what feels
right to you.

If you can't do something special
tonight, The energy of the Full moon
lasts for another day.

Wishing you all a Happy Full Moon.



Caroline said...

I just love your moon posts! Thank you Shell :)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiful beautiful post...gorgeous image! I love the seed is just so magical...thanks for another powerful and wonderful tribute..shine on !

SarahA said...

I bathed in the full Moon and I let her soft songs wash my hair.
My visits here bring a dream like quality to my thoughts and calm my troubled Spirit; always.
Spring here now. I can feel her in the air and see her dancing her dance.

Tracy said...

We were dazzled the end of the week, watching the moon grow bigger each day! We celebrated Ostara yesterday with candles and incense, and paper flowers to symbolize the renewal of the earth now. No signs of spring here yet--too much snow! ;o) But the promise of spring is there... Happy Days, Shell ((HUGS))