Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dreamy Thursday : Clouds

Happy Dreamy Thursday.
Today's post is all
about one of our true beauties that
most people take for granted.
Clouds. Did you know that clouds are
tiny droplets of water or ice crystals? They
are so light they float.

For me, Clouds are like moving
art in the sky. Do remember
as a kid, looking at the sky
and finding shapes in the clouds?
I still do that from time to time.
The other day, one of the clouds
looked like a big dog.

When I'm stressed, I sit in a chair
or lay on my bed. I watch the clouds.
Let my thoughts sail by, as the clouds
fill my mind with beautiful calmness.
Meditation for free. All you need
is a window view.
I'm not alone with my love of Clouds.
How many poets have celebrated those
glorious clouds.

THE CLOUD by Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)

I AM a cloud in the heaven's height,
The stars are lit for my delight,
Tireless and changeful, swift and free,
I cast my shadow on hill and sea--
But why do the pines on the mountain's crest
Call to me always, "Rest, rest?"

I throw my mantle over the moon
And I blind the sun on his throne at noon,
Nothing can tame me, nothing can bind,
I am a child of the heartless wind--
But oh the pines on the mountain's crest
Whispering always, "Rest, rest."

You can adore clouds at all hours.
Watch clouds dance
with the Sunshine or peekaboo
with the moon. Do you like them fluffy,
wavy or wispy? Perhaps you like
clouds with a hint of color in them?
A dash of purple or pink?

Have you ever been in an airplane
and flown through the clouds. It is
an amazing experience.
Being up there in the sky, you feel like you
could just touch them.

Perhaps, your thinking Shell is
a bit too mad over Clouds. Then I am in
good company. Check out
The Cloud Appreciation Society

There is nothing dreamier than
clouds. So today or tonight,
look up at the sky. Spend
time with the clouds.

If you love Dreamy Thursday here,
you can be part of it. I'm opening
Swan of Dreamers to Guest Bloggers.
Email me at for
all the info. Wishing all of you
a very Dreamy Thursday.



Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay..such a super-beautiful post!!..i love clouds and love seeing visions and images with them!! AWesome spotlight to the magic of clouds!!

Heather said...

this is all so very lovely! Yes, they cant help but bring you peace when you watch the clouds roll by :)

Cinner said...

Oh I love to watch the clouds, find images, and just dream, very peaceful. hugs.

Laurel said...

Awe that is beautiful. Thanks and happy weeks end:)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is a wonderful and inspiring post. I love to cloud watch. God is so awesome and He always leaves me some pictures there. I love this post. It is reminding me to take time to rest and to have my head in the clouds. There is so much wonderment their for the eyes and soul. Thanks so much for you kind words. Tyree is something else isn't he? I can't wait to go to Detroit and see his Magic Trash myself. How awesome.
You have a wonderful and creative weekend

Tracy said...

Oh, this is lovely, Shell! I'm a cloud-gazer and praiser too. ;o) And I love flying for being up in those clouds. Long ago I used to have a slight fear of flying, before I traveled more... the clouds helped ease my mind. ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

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