Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dreamy Thursday : The Red Dress

Happy Dreamy Thursday, everyone.
My life has been intense, which is
why this post is late. I couldn't miss
sharing what makes me dreamy with all of you.
Today's Dreamy Thursday is The Red Dress.

There is one fashion quest that consumes me.
Some women look for the perfect black
dress. For me, it's the perfect Red Dress.
With Spring on, I'm resuming my search.

The color red has so many connotations:
Danger, passion, sex, power, boldness.
When I think of the color of Red, for me it means
romantic interludes, freedom and adventure.

I feel every woman should have one Red Dress.
It's doesn't mean it has to be a sexy one.
A Red Dress can be elegant, demure, or innocent.

My ideal color is a Fire engine red.
If Red appears too much for you. Remember there
are many shades of Red from Rose to Sangria to
Wine. Somewhere out there, your Red Dress is
waiting for you.

For Spring, let yourself shine. Don't be an Extra in your own life.
Be the Star that you are. Put the Black, Silver
or Brown Dress back just this once. Be Red for a Day!

If you love Dreamy Thursday here,
you can be part of it. I'm opening
Swan of Dreamers to Guest Bloggers.
Email me at for
all the info. Wishing all of you
a very Dreamy Red Thursday.



Dee said...

wonderful choices...that first red dress caught my! Good luck in your search, unfortunately, I was just in search of a black and white dress for an event..found now you're nudging me to maybe go look for something red!

Laurel said...

I should have bought a red dress instead of painting my kitchen cabinets fire engine red...remember that decoratng fiasco last summer? Unless you like feeling hostile when you dine ,I don't recommend:)
Love the last image although they are all quite spectacular. Hapy almost end of our favorite day.

Tracy said...

LOVE the color red! I really like red clothing, and think I look good in it, but that "perfect" red dress eludes me too. ;o) I'll take that first red dress too, with all those ruffles... Let us know when you find "the" dress, Shell! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm an Aries, a fire child. I love red, brightness, hot colors... and your choices of models are superb.

Anonymous said...

Oh my a red dress? I don't think I could dare. I don't look too good in red ~ probably because I feel very exposed and I am one that prefers to blend in...
Hope you find your perfect red dress!

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