Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Personal Flow

For the past week, in my book of Affirmations,
I have been writing a Happy List
every morning and night. Things that make
me happy. You can call it a gratitude list.
I like the name Happy List. Makes me smile
just thinking about it.

I'm doing this to celebrate what makes me
Happy. Also, to keep myself upbeat and in my
own personal flow.

Along with my Happy List, I write intentions
along with my affirmations. My intentions
are simple. For example:

I intend to be happy today.
I intend to be lucky and in flow today.
I intend to attract creative job opportunities today.
I intend to be a money magnet today.

Here are some of my affirmations and statements:

I am welcome everywhere.
I am juicy and alive.
I am filled with light.
Sunshine kisses me with Golden Energy.
Beautiful clothes come my way.
I am surfing in waves of fortune

You get the picture. I write my intentions and
affirmations at least 13-20 times for
each one. A lot of unexpected gifts, being at the right
place at the right time, meetings and
luck has been coming in more for me.
Along with that, I feel my energy get brighter.
This has been working for me.

For some it's visualization, meditation,
prayer, yoga, tai chi. Whatever
you can do to put yourself in harmony
and in your own personal flow, helps you
to make you life smoother.

Especially when things are tough in your life,
you need to this even more. I know,
from experience. When you are in your
own flow, life is better for you; also,
for the people around you.

To end on an even Happier note, here
is my Happy List for this morning:

Finding two Blue Bloods series books, eating pork chops,
money uncovered, blue skies, wild full hair, my long skirts,
sparkly nail polish.

Wishing you all a Day of Happiness.



Her Speak said...

I love the "Sunshine kisses" affirmation--I'm going to borrow that one! It is frrrrreeeezing here! I'm so happy to hear that this practice is working for you--ride the tide, lady!

Much Joy,

Gloria said...

Those are all great Shell. Oprah does the same. She is such a positive person. Stop by my blog and enter my giveaway Shell. I hope your affirmations keep working for you. Take care.

koralee said...

What a good thing to do. xoxo

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