Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dreamy Thursday : Unicorns

It's Thursday! That means it's Dreamy Thursday
at Swan of Dreamers.
Today, I'm sharing my life long Dreamy love
for Unicorns.

Since I was a girl, I've always been enchanted
by Unicorns. Growing up I had Unicorns shirts,
clocks, pendants. Even now, I have a Unicorn
that I wear on me every day.

They seemed to me out of all the mythical creatures
the most beautiful, kind and wise. They are healers
and protectors. I love them in all colors:
White, Black, Silver, Purple.
Some swim in water and others fly high in the sky.

Deep in my heart, I believe somewhere
out there, the Unicorns still run free.

Of course, the legends here in the West say you have
to be pure of heart or a virgin to see them. I still have
a bookmark I got at 13 with an Unicorn on it.
(I still love it, though it's faded now.) What my
Unicorn bookmark said I believe is the truth about Unicorns.

You have to Believe in them first to be able to
see them.
Once you truly believe, they will come
to when you least expect it.

Do you believe like me? Perhaps one day, you will
see one or two of them. They will appear to you on
a sunny day or on a moonlit night. When you see them,
don't be shy. Say hello. To show themselves to you,
that means they believe in you, too. A great honor indeed.

If you like to write a guest post here at Swan of Dreamers
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It can be on any topic. I love to have you here.
Me and The Unicorns wish you a most Happy and Dreamy Thursday.



Kalei's Best Friend said...

Both of my daughters were into unicorns when they were little.. For me, mermaids are the one... Mystical, mysterious..To me mermaids and unicorns are those few that have that air of unapproachable...which in a way is attractive.

Sarah said...

Lovely unicorns! I would love to see one for real. Did you ever watch Ali McBeal? Didn't she used to see them?

Tracy said...

This is sooo LOVELY, Shell! As a young girl, I loved unicorns too. I think I need to reconnect with the unicorn girl. ;o) Loved these images...what dreamscapes! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Cinner said...

Shell I love unicorns, silly me I always thought they were white. lol. love all the photos. thanks for your visits to my blogs. always glad when you drop by.

Elisa Day said...

Yes I want to see an unicorn someday. This evening there is nothern lights here, its magical. Maybe the unicorns are out there also. Have a nice weekend!

Heather said...

aww, what girl didnt go through that unicorn phase? They are just so pretty and yes, dreamy. Love the painting with the baby unicorn!~

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Man I use to dream about them and wish I could find one. I mean really looked for them under my bed cause there just had to be one there he he he he! This is wonderful. I send you warm hugs Darling Lady. Keep it moving forward!

Domestic Witch said...

You won a giveaway!

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