Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Moon in Sagittarius

It is the last New Moon of 2010!

The New Moon is bathing in all that freedom loving,
optimistic and fiery Sagittarius energy.

All that lovely lunar light is there for us to
use in our own lives.


Where in your life you need to feel free,
more hopeful or kick up your creative fires?
Think on that today and tomorrow and See
what your intuitive mind tells you. Then
shoot that arrow of action like Sagittarius
does and see what happens.

Happy New Moon, everyone.



Beadwright said...

Wonderful post Shell. Thanks so much.

Anishinaabekwe said...

Perfect! Happy New Moon! I appreciate these posts Shell. :)

Cinner said...

HaPPY nEW mOON. I always find your photos here so beautiful, and your posts full of info. have a great week. hugs.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is beautiful. Love the action! Happiest Holidays to you beautiful lady! Hugs to you.

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