Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy December

It's finally December. The last month of 2010.

December to me is the month of light and miracles.

Whatever religion you practice, the light returns in one
form or another to the world.

How precious is light especially in the short day time
hours we have this month.

There is also your inner light. Have you been tending
to it? Or have you been sacrificing your light to shine
for others? No matter how much you care for others, you
have to keep your own light clear and strong.

Miracles happen every day. I think most of the time
we think it's going to be something big. I like to celebrate
the daily miracles.

When things are bad, someone says the right word to you
to keep you going. Or you buy something for a friend, it's
what they needed most right now.

If you need a miracle, ask for one. Allow yourself to
receive miracles. If you don't allow it, how will it
be able to come in for you.

When a miracle happens, no matter how big or small. Just
say thank you. Smile and remember that we are loved all
the time. Even if we forget sometimes.

Wishing all of you a December full of Light and Miracles.



Gloria said...

Hi Shell. Happy December to you too and I hope you do have miracles happen. Enjoy the season, take care.

Sarah said...

And to you Shell. Lovely words and advice as always. I will rememeber them through December. I spent time yesterday arranging lights and making a kind of christmas tree. It was a very soothing activity and made me feel peaceful.
Have a lovely weekend. x

Her Speak said...

Miracles for you as well! The first magic I experienced today was waking up to a beautiful snow--the slow fluffy kind. It's like music. :)

Wishing you Much Happiness~

Anishinaabekwe said...

Miracles and blessings to you as well. I do love December and the winter months. I appreciate the time for introspection and renewal. I have learned not to pine for spring here in Northern Michigan but to be in the present of the dark of winter for the benefit and growth of my own soul. Last night I dreamed of two black bears. The baby bear scratched at my door and I let her in. Momma bear was outside wandering about but was in sight. How wonderful, eh?


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