Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September

Happy September.

A beautiful and great month to set sails
on an ocean of dreams and possibilities.

No dream is too big or small.
Some dreams are to open up your own business
and others to paint that neglected small dresser
that lies unused in a closet.

The only requirement for a dream is that
it makes you happy.

I have three current dreams I'm working
on. Two are private for me right now.
When they come to fruition,
I can share it with the world.

The third one is my journey to reshape
my body and my eating habits. On my wall,
I have an inspiration dress. It's
what I call my Marilyn Dress. It's white, a
size smaller than me and beautiful.

(I wish my camera had batteries so I can
post a picture of it.)

Once I fit the dress. Then I'll celebrate
and continue to the next size I want to
get to. Like all great dreams, it takes
time. I say do the work now, reap the rewards

I'm wishing all of your a great September.
Make it a month you spend working, playing
and planning your dreams.

Finally, to say thank you to all of my
readers here. I have reached 100 followers.
For me, that is a great milestone. Thank
you one and all who leave comments and those
who are content to just read my posts.

I send much love to all of you.

Now go out there and spend a little time
on your dreams!


Caroline said...

You will fit into that dress..yes you will :) I love September! Hey, stop by my blog, I have a song that will be sure to get you up and dancing...and that will burn a few calories!


Beadwright said...

Dreams do come true. I wish that all of yours come true soon.

Cinner said...

Shell, great advice, congrats on your 100 followers, you are always so positive, it is a joy as always. hugs

Laurel said...

Awe! Hi Sweetie! One dress at a time can be your motto! You enjoy life , that is clear Miss Shell. You are always a bit of sunshine for me.
Thanks for being here.

koralee said...

Have a great is already shaping up to be a good one around here. xoxoxo

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Happy September, Shell! Each day that you eat nourishing food and exercise your body is a celebration of life, too. And won't you be so lovely in your white Marilyn dress?

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