Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moon When All Things Ripen

Are you feeling more dreamy today? Have the urge
to dive in and bring to life a special fantasy of
yours today?

Well, it's not your imagination. Tonight is the Full
Moon in Pisces. The dreamy, mystical and beautiful
Pisces energy is swimming all around us.

This Full Moon has many names. You can even make
up your own names for the Full Moon. My favorite
name which I just found today is Moon When All
Things Ripen.

If you have Pisces as your sun or moon sign, this
is your time! For the rest of us, we can still
use the energy of this last Summer Full Moon
for many things.

You can:

Meditate for ten minutes tonight.

Take a healing bath or swim.

Write down a list of your most outrageous
fantasies and dreams.

Splurge and buy something you have been
dreaming about for so long that makes
you feel beautiful and special.

Start a dream journal to keep track
of your dreams.

Watch romantic movies.

Read poetry tonight.

Wear blue and silver.

Have a heart to heart talk with a
loved one about things on your mind.

Donate money or time to any Ocean
related charities/foundations

Pretend your a mermaid/merman!

These are a few suggestions, anything that
delights, captures and makes you feel
beautiful is what you should do tonight.

Remember, the energy of this moon
lasts another night. Wishing you all
a wondrous Full Moon night.



Gloria said...

I'll be sure to go outside this evening to look at our full moon. Thanks for sharing Shell. Hope your week is going good. Take care.

Caroline said...

I love your full moon posts...they remind me to harness the good energy!

Tracy said...

I like the idea of a Dream Moon. The weather's been so bad here, not been able to see the moon most evenings. But she's there. ;o) Happy Day, Shell ((HUGS))

Christina said...

i always think of you during a full moon.
your list.

Elisa Day said...

The moon last night was a magic one. As always your posts inspire me. Hugs

tea time and roses said...

Dropping in to wish you a most beautiful week!:o) Happy week to you dear Shell!



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