The Wild One

Last week, while I was getting over my
summer cold. I finally got to see
"The Wild One" starring Marlon Brando.

I've seen a lot of his earlier work. This
movie to me shows why Brando is fab.
He says more with gestures and movement
than most actors say with their lines.
Since I was trained in Method acting,
watching him brought back memories of
lessons I learned from my teachers.

Enjoy Brando when he was hot, sexy and

TCM is doing Summer under The Stars.
Each day dedicated to a different star. Go check
it out and see if one of your favorites is being

Of course, Happy August.



Caroline said...

I should see that. Marlon was HOT back in his youth! Good stuff. Hope your August is bringing you many blessings. xoxo

Gloria said...

Yes, I did see this movie and loved it. What can one say, except that he was one of the best. Thanks for sharing Shell. Have a great rest of the week and glad you are over your cold.

Laurel said...

Awe cool SHell! Love Brando. Sexy guy. Someone mentioned Monty the other day and I immediately thought of our connection :) So cool. I understand that Blogher is in your part of the planet this weekend. I wish I could be there:) Maybe next time.
Love and Friendship Always,

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh but wasn't he!! he hehe hehe! this was wonderful. I hope that you are getting some rest and over that summer cold. Take of yourself.

Cinner said...

I love these old movies, Have a great week, hope you are well. take care.

vchelle said...

I didn't know he looked so good..LOL! I'm glad you are feeling better.