Thursday Fun.

It has been a busy week. For some reason
this summer, i feel like I'm doing so much.
I always have time for Swan of Dreamers and
all of you.

This goes out to all the Jane Austen fans.
My Anakin sent this to me, it's hilarious.
Welcome, to Jane Austen's Fight Club. Yes,
you read that right.

Enjoy and Happy Thursday.



Sarah said...

That's funny! 'Is that your blood? Only some of it' was my favourite line! Thanks for sharing that Shell!

SE'LAH... said...

It's been a beautiful summer.

wishing you a wonderful weekend.
(thanks for the birthday wishes ;)

Deborah said...

Hi Shell, How is the belly dancing going? I have always wanted to at least learn how to do it. You must share a picture of your furniture once it is painted. White is so peaceful. I love your new blog header. You have not changed much :) You are lucky you are able to get away from your mean co-worker and not work with them again in the future. We should all have that luxury. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hello. It was great to hear from you again.