Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thunder Moon

Happy Full Moon. As all the moons, this moon has many
names. In honor of all the rain, lightening and thunder
we have been having in New York. Calling this moon the
Thunder Moon is appropiate to me.

This is a special full moon for me because it's under
my sign of Aquarius. All who have Aquarius in their
sun or moon sign, this is your moon.

Whenever the Aquarius Moon comes up for, changes always
come about. This week I had a nasty encouter with someone
I work with via e-mail. I was hurt and angry. I could
hear Vader's Theme in my head. What it reminded me is
when people say mean things to you without provacation,
I'm being shown there shadow self. We all have our shadow
side, knowing when and how to use it appropiately is something
we have to learn. I call on my Shadow side when I need
extra energy to deal with harsher things in my life. I do
so carefully.

When people lash out, you always have a choice
whether you will continue to deal with them or not. I have
decided once my commitment is done with this person, I am
choose not to work with them again. Please remember, No one
has the right to treat you bad or mean! I don't care who
they are!!! You always should be treated with respect.

For everyone else, you can use the Aquarius Moon to shake
things up. Think outside the box today and Monday. Do
the unexpected from your normal routine. Be rebellious
and zany. Live it up. Be free.

The energy of the Full Moon sticks around for another
day. Have a beautiful Sunday and Full Moon.



Caroline said...

Oh my all makes sense now. This moon is totally shaking things up (I think my shadow side is coming out...I need to cool it off). You are one has the right to treat others with disrespect. Now I will take some time to meditate on this. xoxo

Sarah said...

I love it!_your moon advice I mean-not your bad encounter. It happens sadly. It is good that you have the choice of not working with this person any more-they don't deserve you!

Cinner said...

Oh Shell, so glad you will not have to work with this person again, and yu are right no one has the right to treat others with disrespect. have a great week, I am going to do something out of the norm tomorrow. take care.

Suzie Ridler said...

Blessed Aquarius Moon fellow Aquarian! It's our time to shine today, hope we both take full advantage of it and get creative, spiritual and cause some positive trouble.

koralee said...

Oh...I never knew this about the moon ...hope your week goes better. xoxoxo.

Sean Graham said...

You weren't kidding about that Thunder. A serious storm ripped through New York City and ripped up the town. Those Aquarius moons are something else!

Annie Spandex said...

I agree!

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

it has been said that hurting people, hurt people. the best thing to do is understand they are probably acting out of their own pain....and just move on when possible.

surround yourself with people who support your dreams and are truly happy for you.

you are a beautiful person shell and i'm sending love and positive energy your way!

cara mia

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