Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swan Dive!

Happy Thursday. I'm currently painting
mirrors and desks in a pretty white. I love
having white accents in the home, makes a place
more romantic.

While I'm busy, I decided I share another
installment of the Old Spice commercial.

Swan Dive, my friends!



Laurel said...

nice! Both the guy and painting! I LOVE painting you know and white is fresh and adds a vintage touch . Happy Thursday Sweet Shell.

Suzie Ridler said...

Enjoy the painting Shell and wow, I totally love this guy! Did you see him on Ellen? I had no idea he had a new commercial out, gotta share it with others, thanks for letting me know about Swan Dive!

koralee said...

Ha ha...I love this guy!

Ooooh la la ....happy painting..I usually get the summer painting bug but too busy so far...I have a church pew waiting to be painted..that is my Augs. project! xoooxo

Sarah said...

That is so funny!

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