Thursday, April 8, 2010


Happy Thursday. I had a great Easter
with my mom. My mini break helped me get
a lot accomplished and fill up with
new ideas.

A few years ago, I learned about Kairos
time. Kairos is the idea of time out of
time. It's that limitless feeling you get
watching a sunrise or a sunset. Or when
your creating, mediating, praying,
or having fun. Time has no concept.
You are in the flow of your
life. That is Kairos.

Kairos time is something I try to do in
life daily. To keep me away from feeling
like time is passing, I'm not doing
x,y,z and I'm way behind on my to do list.
That is time bound thinking which
can cause anxiety, depression and

With the weekend coming right up, stay
aware of natural moments of Kairos that pop
up in your life. Savor this time. You will
find yourself relaxed and become more in
tune with your true self.



cinner said...

Very interesting, I am forgetting about Spring Cleaning. LOL. Glad you had a nice visit. take care.

Dee said...

Nice post, I always seem to read your page at the right time!

Gloria said...

Thanks Shell. I will definitely think about that. Nice to hear that your visit with your Mom was a great one. Have a good Friday Shell. Take care. I learned a new word from you...Kairos...Thanks.

Laurel said...

Oh boy- I am needing to get in tough with Kairos. I am feeling very worn and spun out to dry these days. My endless need to stay busy is making this life go too fast.
Need Kairos, thanks my dear.
Love to you. Miss you.

Beadwright said...

Hello Shell, Yes Kairos is a way of life that can bring about the most beautiful expressions. Thank you for sharing this in your post.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

LOve this concept.

Do you mind if I post it (and credit you, of course)?

Cheryl Lynn said...

Interesting concept. I am visiting blogs, including yours, for more creative inspiration to use later. This is very relaxing and uplifting for me.

My Easter was wonderful, spent in church, of course, praising God for the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. He who stands outside of time and knows the end from the beginning, can rectify all that is wrong, past, present, and future.

Thanks for this post. It, too, is very inspiring.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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