Happy April

A brand new month with all kinds
of delicious possibilities before us.
The picture above is where I wish I
could be right about now.

It's also Poetry month and
what I recently learned Jazz month too.

I decided to take a couple of days off
to celebrate April and work on some creative
adventures that is calling me right now.

I should be back by Wednesday or Thursday.
For those who celebrate: Have a Happy Easter.

And for those not celebrating, have a beautiful
weekend and coming week.



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

being creative, eh - good on you!

have a lovely weekend and time away from Bloglandia ... look forward to your return!

vchelle said...

We were made from high creativity and we live in creativity, therefore,, we are creative! We are closest to our creator when we create because it creates through us!

I can't wait to hear about your co-creation!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I hold you near as I sit under the Palm Trees.

Domestic Witch said...

Happy Easter to you too! That water looks awfully inviting..

SE'LAH... said...

Enjoy your Easter.

one love.

Deborah said...

I loved Bette Davis in that movie with Joan Crawford. I love her eyes. I didn't know that about Sean. I am glad to hear you are taking positive steps to deal with your anger. Forgiveness can be so difficult. I am trying to forgive myself and some around me so I know that personally.
Thank you for stopping by and saying Hello. Happy Belated Easter and Pink Saturday Greetings!

Tracy said...

Enjoy your break, Shell... Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

Laurel said...

Hi Miss Shell- justing poppingover to say hello and I am hoping you are enjoying the lovley NY spring weather.
Hugs to you, Sweetness.

faerie finder said...

oh! i love that you read girls of the forest!
i am surprised at how it continuously hooks me.
im only half way though.
i think im a slow reader!!!
hearts and happy forest wanders ♥
wild! unruly!

Caroline said...

I hope your April is filled with fresh new ideas and beauty! Enjoy this special month! xo

Cheryl Lynn said...

I hope you have a wonderfully creative April. I'm going to try and join you in making my April as creative as possible.

Have a great weekend, my dear.

P.S. What a beautiful pic. I wish I could be there too!