New Moon in Pisces

Just had the clocks spring forward and
Spring is less than a week away.
The New Moon in Pisces comes at a
perfect time.

What do
to do under a Pisces Moon?

* Express yourself in whatever
way you feel comfortable. Let those
feelings you have inside be free.
You'll feel better.

* Set one highly whimsical goal for
Spring. Something you always wanted
to do, or get, or see..though it's
not practical. For once don't be practical!
Being impractical now and again is good
for the soul. For me, I want to get a
beautiful velvet cloak and hood.

* Start a dream diary with this new moon.
Keep it up till the next new moon. See
what valuable information your dreams
have for you.

* Especially for all my good girls and
boys out there. Be self-indulgent and
selfish for one day. If there are people
to be saved or jobs crises to get done,
let it go or even better Let someone else
do it. The truth is if you wasn't there,
someone else would have to do it anyway.

* Tonight make a wish on a star
and believe it will come true.

Have a beautiful New Moon.



Lady Prism said...

My magic notebook would be like a dream diary! How so very coincidental that I read this!

I am a wonder I've been feeling such good vibes!

Enjoyed reading here. Take care! :D

Anishinaabekwe said...

I love the picture in this post!

Have a beautiful new moon as well sister! Peace!

Deborah said...

I love unicorns too. The Academy awards were interesting for me. I like looking at the dresses. I think Avatar should have won for best film. I really enjoyed that movie. went to see it three times. saw Hurt Locker once on video and have no intention of watching it again. I think a lot of people see it the same way. As to Precious. I saw it today for the first time. It was awesome and so were Monique and Gabby. A really moving story. Have you seen it?

natasja said...

your blog is lovely, so dreamy

Laurel said...

Hi sweetie! I have been missing you. Been slammed with life of late and trying now to get back to my friends. I love your ideas!
My darling daughter Grace is a pisces! And what lil /big girl doesn't love a unicorn!
Love to you my Sweet Shell,

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this!
I could use some whimsy right about now. I have a list a mile long of very impractical things I would love to do ~
What color would your velvet coak be ~ you would look beautiful in a midnight blue!
Happy Spring Equinox!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot...the cards you asked about are the Mystic Faerie Tarot Deck by Linda Ravenscroft ~ I love her artwork. This is by far my favorite deck, not like I have tons of them or anything!

Tracy said...

Hi, Shell! This is a beautiful post...and I love that image! This moon feels lovely, doesn't it... We don't change our clocks here until next weekend. :o) Happy Weekend ahead ((HUGS))

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh what wonderful information. I have to call some folks I know today and see how they are feeling!