Be a Light in The Darkness

I do my best to keep my blog
full of light and love. Today
I must speak about a shadow
that is rampant in our

Since Monday, more news of sexual
abuse by priests to children has come
up again in the news.This is an ongoing
problem..not only in the Catholic church.

It affects me deeply because of my
friend Sean. For my long time readers,
you know part of the story. For my
newer ones, you may not.

Last year, my beautiful friend Sean
died from a drug overdose. That's not
what truly killed him. He was sexually abused
by a priest for years. He did get justice
against this priest. Justice and money
can't erase the soul pain and memories.

Today, I signed up to become part
of SNAP.
The Survivors Network of Those
Abused by Priests. I'm hoping to
be able to volunteer my time and energy
to SNAP here in NYC. To honor Sean's
memory and do something positive to
help others who are survivors.

In my deepest grief last year, I
made a choice to not allow myself
to be consumed by my anger. Sean
and I loved Star Wars. It's what
initially brought us together. I
decided to stay true to myself and
not be turned to the Dark Side. Sean
would have never wanted that for me.
It is so easy to allow yourself
to give up, become bitter, negative
and destructive.

We all must find a way to be
a Light in the Darkness. This
is my way.



Chrissy said...

Shell,its good to see u are finding the positive out of the negative.. Its so hard to do when u are so close to the situation... I know by you volunteering u are on your way to healing, it is just so sad that Sean couldn't have confided in someone and had gotten legal action.

Gloria said...

Shell, congratulations on the positive outlook. I think what you are doing is for the best cause. I wish you lots of luck and good energy.

Elisa Day said...

I am happy that you decided to not let the dark and negative take over. It is very hard sometimes. I am sure Sean would be proud of you.
It is hard to belive that people can be so cruel to children.
Lots of love to you

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I am very admiring of the way you've taken a tragedy and found a way to make something positive come from it.
That's a gift.

I will never understand how people can mistreat children. I just don't get it.

sinnlighet said...

spark of life = your blog


agneta, sweden

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shell,
I did not know that about Sean ~ this breaks my heart.
This scandal within the church and how they have chosen to deal with it is one of the reasons I don't attend anymore.
It is a wonderful thing, you volunteering for SNAP. I am sure Sean would be so proud.
~ Sending you hugs))

Wanda said...

I am so sorry about what Sean had to endure. He is blessed to have a friend like you and, yes, we Jedi must stand in and for the light.

Sarah said...

Powerful words Shell and good that you are taking action to positively use your anger. Weird-I have just looked up at the telly as I was typing and it said "A Jedi's work is never done" Coincidence or greater powers at work. Who can tell. (It is Heroes on the tv and it was a subtitle)
Anyway, good luck with your positive action. It sounds like a great organisation.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Let your light continue to shine through the darkness. Kudo's to you girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Sorry I'm only posting a response now. I'm behind on my blog reading! This is a very worthy cause, and I am so, so very sorry. You are a great example!