Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lady Sings The Blues

I was delighted when Lady Sings The Blues
came on TCM. I haven't seen it in years,
it's been on my list for movies to see again.

It's a memorable film for many reasons. It
marks the film debut of Diana Ross. She is
simply wonderful in this movie. She's
beautiful, soulful, vulnerable,
glamorous as Billie.

Lady Sings The Blues as a story is not
totally accurate on Lady Day's life.
That film still needs to be made. The
strength of Lady Sings The Blues is to
me not only Billie's music throught
out, the love between Billie Holiday
(Diana Ross)and Louis McKay (Billy Dee
Williams). Diana and Billy Dee light up
the screen together. Which is why
they were reteamed together in 1975
for Mahogany.

When Diana Ross first sees Billy Dee
and goes wow! So did I!! The man is
gorgeous. I was drooling. That smile,
that walk and that voice. Billy Dee
oozes charm, heart and passion.

I can go and on. I'm sure you all get
the point. An extra treat, is Richard
Pryor as The Piano Man. He did amazing
job in his role, too. There is also
appearances by Scatman Crothers and
Isabel Sandford right before her
Jeffersons fame.

Of course, here is a trailer for you:

Here is some Oscar Trivia: Lady Sings The
Blues was nominated for five Oscars.
Diana receiving a nomination for Best
Actress in 1972 along with Cicely Tyson
for Best Actress for Sounder in the same

Do yourself a favor, enjoy two hours
with Diana Ross and Billy Dee. You'll
get swept away too.



julietk said...

I was not either a fan or not a fan of Diana Ross until I saw that film but her performance blew me away. Since then I have given her much more respect.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I sat through "Lady" five times in the theater, and have it on DVD. It's one of those once-a-year movies. Love it. I always wait for the scene towards the beginning when she shows up in that lemon yellow dress and picture hat - gorgeous!

I can't say the same about "Mahogany" though. Unfortunately. I remember being excited about it coming out, and being there right on the first day - maybe even the first showing. But I was bored to tears - though Miss Ross was, again, just gorgeous. Speaking of Miss Ross, have you read "Call Me Miss Ross?" It's a nitty gritty down and dirty bio of Diana ... who knows if it's all true? But, it's trashy fun to read it.

koralee said...

Thank you so much for sharing...I will have to check this one out...believe it or not I have never seen it. Happy sweet weekend to you!

Tracy said...

This is such a great film...and Diana Ross just shines as Billie! I've not seen this one in a while...must add to to-watch list! :o) Happy Weekend, Shell ((HUGS))

Chrissy said...

would u believe i never saw it? i do remember when they advertised it back in the day, they showed a real depressing part which turned me off... but i will look for it again.. btw i met billy d. years ago... a very unassuming sweet man.

Drippy Lip Productions said...

Oh Shell! How I've missed your blog! I know I can depend on you for my daily dose of romance. ((le sigh)) Beautiful film. :)

So Much joy and Many Blissings, Friend~*

Diana Evans said...

Hi Shell....

I never saw this film...will have to keep it in mind!!! thank you for sharing this with us...and it is always fun to read about Oscar stuff....

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Christina said...

I just recently found out Suzanne De Passe was the co -writer for lsb! She was nominated for an academy award for this.
love this movie!

Don said...

Yes I have seen and enjoyed this film a couple times myself. The chemistry shown between Diana and Billy Dee made the movie almost appear as a home video.

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