Monday, December 14, 2009

A bit of holiday bashing

Happy Monday. I'm feeling impish
today. Here is my list of things
that get on my nerves about the holidays.
If I take a swipe at something you love,
just know this is my opinion.

Here is Mabel showing her most displeased
look to join in on the bashing.

1) Barrage of Christmas music in stores.
I love Holiday music. Not when it's blasted
to impel me to shop more and not actually
feel the spirit of the songs.

2) Nutcrackers. They are scary to me with
those humongous teeth.

3) Please can't we have at least five years
without another film or television
adaptation of Scrooge!

4) How mean, pushy and aggressive people get
shopping this time of year. Seriously, there
bad vibes makes the stores reek with negativity.

5) Tourists. I love people want to come to
NYC. Do you how many times I have been pushed,
prodded and almost run over by a whole
group of Tourists!!! Please enjoy the city,
be aware of other people when your walking

Wow. I feel better now sharing that.
Now, don't be shy, share in the bashing.
I will do a follow up about things I
love about the holidays, too.



Chrissy said...

Hmmm, thought that was Mabel's sexy look!. lol....Well my bashing has to do w/stupid xmas lists that my MIL had us make up... ( she is long gone) and we still do these lists... Lists take out the fun in seeing how creative the giver can be... It makes it easier but not more than that... My kids are adult age and there isn't anything they want for.. If they want it, they buy it.,..

Anonymous said...

WOW... Your kitty is the image of our Max!!

Christmas bash for me is the syrupy, sugary films made to make it look like everyone's family is freaky & disfunctional!! I even hate the Nescafe commercials.....

I want something zany & fun for the Holidays!!
Never been to NYC.... Would love to go BUT......

Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Fun list! I totally agree about the shoppers-I try to avoid it at this time and get it all done earlier! What has been annoying me today is are giant posters on hoardings advertising computers and other expensive stuff with the slogan 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'. Another campaign which goes 'My world is all about family'(at Christmas)and goes on to list a massively expensive list of computers, games etc. So it has to be the advertising, and the effect it all has on people who cannot afford all that stuff.
Love the picture of Mabel looking cross. She should meet Lily who does a great cross face! Have a fun week avoiding all the tourists!

cinner said...

I know with me it is the rude shoppers that would sooner run you over than ever go around you. Someone even ran a shopping cart into the back of my heel once! Take care and be careful out there.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

NO QUESTION - nothing is as uber fab as shopping at Christmastime in NYC - and there is nothing more horrendous!

One Christmas shopping excursion, I received the ultimate insult: I was pickpocketed - in F.A.O. SHWARTZ!!!

Laurel said...

Yes yes yes! Agree on all! Just got blasted by Christmas Music while at gracery store...frightening.
I have a bunch of nutcrackers that for some reason this one (darling) neighbor keeps giving me ever year. They are lined up in the window to scare burglars away:)
I also want the tourists to take it down a notch in San Fransisco . I find myself acting rude to survive and that is not who i want to be!
Love to you Shell.

Anonymous said...

This was good ~ and I agree about the holiday shoppers. Rude shoppers and DRIVERS are the worst this time of year!
Peace on earth, get the @%!%& out of my way!
My Mom collected nutcrackers, but I always found them a bit creepy, kinda the same way with Bozo the clown.
I love your photo of Mabel, our cat Minnie looks like that all the time. This time of year we call her Ms. Grinch.

koralee said...

Oh how I can relate to your list. I adore your lovely blog! Thank you for your lovely comments you left on my blog yesterday...they have so so helped me to carry on today...we so miss our Rosie. You really do not know how much I appreciate your kindness!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

LOL! You made me laugh, Shell! Great list! A couple for me:

1. Drunks. They're scarier than nutcrackers to me. They really push the drinking up a notch or 20 during the holidays. Saw several drunk driving accidents on the news over the weekend. And yesterday, an 18-year-old kid died from alcohol poisoning. I don't like to drive at night during the holidays due to all the drunks on the road. I have more fun at parties without alcohol than those who drink. Party like a 10-year-old!

2. "It's a Wonderful Life" - I've never liked this movie. The story is flawed to me. George Bailey commit the grievous sin of suicide? I don't buy it.

Merry Christmas, Shell!

Javajune said...

there are totally sweat and lovely shoppers and then there are the ones like the woman who through her credit card at me because she thought the check out process was taking too long. sometimes we just need to vent a little. I would love to visit NY during the holidays maybe in the future- I promise not to push!

Sweetina said...

Mabel is dreamy!
I think your list was very reasonable! I agree about the consumerism,Hallmarkism and pressure to "buy" something that doesn't fill the place in your heart the meaning and spirit that the Holidays are about.
Let's all Keep it real and simple and be joyous!

vchelle said...

The crowds pushing in the stores is a big one for me.. My sisters convinced me to go out for "Black Friday" for the first time in my life!!! Never again! There was a woman sitting on a crate of 600-count sheets at Wal-mart because she was afraid she wouldn't be able to buy TEN!! We couldn't see them and I was done.

Also, the pressure to buy stuff.... What's that?? I give everyday, all year round!! And most importantly, I give love the same way. Thank you God!!!

Have a Merry Christmas, sistafriend!

vchelle said...

P.S. Great photo of you!

Suzie Ridler said...

So true Shell! I can't handle any more Dickens' adaptations and the shopping madness literally makes me either want to cry or scream. I just can't wait to have the shopping over so I can start enjoying the holiday.

Tracy said...

Hello, Miss Mabel and Shell! :o) Your Christmas bash list rings so true... I quite agree! Oh, our Charlie loved the shy comments from Mabel ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Paula said...

Catching up on my blog reading here and I had the best time reading these comments! My biggest peeve? Being told that I should give cash to some of my relatives! Why bother? We're just swapping money. This is closely followed by being told what to buy, right down to the brand and color. You've just robbed me of the ability to put thought and creativity into my gift and you've told me nothing else is good enough. Bah humbug!

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