Friday, October 2, 2009

Magical Movies: The Enchanted Cottage

I thought I do something different for Fridays in October. I'm going to share movies I love which are romantic and have a touch of magic in them which is perfect for this time of year.

The Enchanted Cottage from 1945. I talked about it here. It stars Dorothy McGuire and Robert Young as two lonely people who are transformed by love. This to me is another classic movie which can be remade and cast with actors of all races. (I have a running list of movies I love to be remade properly and with respect to the original film.) The underlining theme of the effects of war is just as strong as it was in 1945 as it now is 2009.

Turner Classic Movies plays it from time to time. Hopefully someone will get a clue and put it out on DVD. For all my fellow Romantics out there, this is one not to miss.

Here is the trailer for it.

PS. This film is a remake of the original silent version. Which I have never seen but I love to watch.


Alma Stoller said...

I will have to check it out.

Laurie said...

Oh, I love this movie! My hubby got this for me on dvd last year off of ebay. He had a devil of a time finding it!
I look forward to what other movies you will share this month!

Debbie said...

Your blog is enchantingly darling! I will be back often, too. Thank you bunches for visiting GirlWhimsy, today! I am now a follower and have added you to my "whimsical blog love" list. Have a sweet weekend!

Dee said...

not sure that I've seen this one, but what a great idea for Friday posts.

Elisa Day said...

I love to watch "fairytale" movies. I have never heard about this one.

Tracy said...

Oh, I like this one too! I've not seen it in a very long time though. I just love old films..*sigh*... Oh, Charlie says thank you to your and Mabel for your lovely comments ;o) Happy Weekend, Shell ((HUGS))

Genie Sea said...

Oh! I have something delightful to share with you. My grandmother who had passed away before I was born, had left behind some novels she had loved, and which I devoured and own to this day. One of them was the novel on which The Enchanted Cottage was based. So romantic! I watched the movie so long ago with my father and mother. Thank you for resurrecting this sweet memory, Shell! Hugs!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

It is one of my favorites!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Thanks so much for the birthday wish my sister!

Laurel said...

Oh Sweetie! I cannot wait to check out! I love old movies and especially desperate romantic movies like A place in The Sun -those just slay me -I would love to see that remade. But don't know that anyone other than Elizabeth Taylor , Montgomery Clift (a fav of mine) and Shelley Winters can be replaced.
I am going to watch your recommendations. Great Autumn idea when cozy is in. :) Love to you.

Pixie said...

Hi! I followed a link over from your Decor8 post and I love your blog! Thanks for pointing out this movie, I'll have to check it out.

Clarity said...

I'm getting a video jam so will try and check it later when I close some sw down.

Thank you for posting these sweetie, I too adore classic movies and if you are ever in London you are so invited for a girlie movie night with popcorn and slippers.

Please post list of remakes completely, lets see if I can tackle some of them :) Must admit though as much as I think romance is sweet I don't know if I would tackle it ("neverhavingbeeninlove") :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh....I've had this on my 'movie to see' list for years, but haven't gotten around to it yet. You've inspired me, thanks!

Montgomery Clift is just devastating, yes? Those EYES!
Oh, and Eartha Kitt---meOW.

Fun site----I look forward to poking around some more.

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