Happy October

october richard scarry

Happy October everyone. Here is another scan from my beloved Richard Scarry book. The time of sweaters, rich hot cocoa, sunsets before six, a bit of magic, apples and rich colors blooming everywhere. What delights will October bring? I'm looking forward to delights expected and unexpected this month.



Anonymous said...

Happy October! I love that. Richard Scarry is wonderful! It's supposed to be a great month...

Christina said...

Isn't it the most charming of seasons? It is cold here. I have switched the summer clothes out of the drawers, for the fall ones.
I love your R.S. book. : )

Caroline said...

Richard scary is my favoite! I love October...my favorite month!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOh girl you just set me in such a great mood. Saturday is my Bday and I am planning to go to children's book sale in Lachmont, NY to get a arm full of books and then come home and make so rich hot chocolate and some other treats and sing happy Birthday to me and browse through each book purchased. he he he! What a wonderful Inspiring post he he he!
Hugs girly

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful month & all your dreams come true!!
Have a Great Day!!

KathrynAntyr said...

I love all of those gifts of autumn. I'm wearing a new sweater as I type this and I'm preparing to grab my apple as I head into the office. Love pumpkins and ghost stories, the fall colors and hot apple cider. Enjoy this wonderful time of the harvest moon!

{soul hugs}

Tea Time and Roses said...

Happy October to you too dear Shell! Enjoy a beautiful weekend.