Friday, August 21, 2009


This is me at 9 years old in 5th grade. Slightly toothless with that oh, so fake nature background they used back in the day for school pictures. Some parts of my hair in this picture looks a bit gray..have no idea why.

There are some things that haven't changed for me since I was nine. I still love:
Having my legs bare
Star Wars
Feeling free without people telling me what to do
Best friends with Lady A. and Lady K.
Vanilla ice cream
Believing in the good of people
Chocolate anything
Writing stories
Watching movies and t.v.
Mark Hamill
Still dreaming
Taking time to enjoy being alone outside

Do you remember being nine? What things do you still love then and now? I love to hear.

As you have been giving yourself permission to do what you want and listening to your thoughts, I hope you are working on your dreams daily. Your 9 year old self would want you to be happy, right? So get to work and play on your dreams.



Caroline said...

9 was a good age! No worries, bike riding with friends, playing games, swimming at the public pool all day without getting tired, playing with barbies...

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh girl talk about a captured moment here. Oh 9!!! First you were a cutie pie!!! How wonderful. thanks so much for sharing. Okay I still think of Hamil. He can still do it for me. Still love going bare legged too hee he hee! and yes anything, anything chocolate. I still love my cartoons, and remember the 4:30 movie??? he he he he!! Still in love. thanks for this really wonderful moment.
Hugs a Plenty

Anonymous said...

Hi Shell,

I'm a newer reader. :) Ummm nine. Let's see. Well I wasn't a very popular kid (or teen) which is fine but I liked a lot of solitary pursuits: art, roller skating down our street, singing. I still love those things but I haven't roller skated in several years.

Perhaps my daughter will get into it. :)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I don't remember a thing from my childhood - isn't that bizarre?!

... but I'm anxiously awaiting the film version of "Nine" - does that count? ;-)

Sarah said...

I love this photo of your nine year old self Shell. So confident and happy looking. I cannot remember much about being nine I have to say. I remember I liked horses, Charlie's Angels and ghost stories-I still like all those things so maybe we are quite set in our ways at nine. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

gabrielle said...

piano, chocolate anything, dreaming in color, barefoot in linoleum.

You are beautiful. I see no grey anywhere in the picture unless you want it there.

Keith said...

Great picture. Thanks for sharing that with us. 9 was almost 30 years ago for me now. I do remember it as mostly a wonderful time in my life. I did all the other ordinary boy things. I did have several operations during that time period though.

Tracy said...

9...Gosh, eons ago...LOL! I recall getting a big stuffed Snoopy for my birthday, but also Laura Ingalls Wilder books--so nice combo there. I had about as many teeth as you do in your photo, Shell...I remember that too--LOL! I was a painfully shy child. But that has changed--I'm not nearly as shy now. :o) But a lot is still the same...I still love the arts and crafts, and thrill that I have my own little jewelry business (even if it looks to be going belly up--it's still mine and working hard to keep it going!). I still love daydreaming, still love strawberries in summer, running around barefoot, and staying up late to watch a movie is still a thrill. Fun post to think back on, Shell. Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))

June said...

Wow Shell, what a beautiful blog you have. So much wisdom for such a young woman.
I love this picture of you at nine. You look like you are a lot more confident than I felt at nine. I remember my horse was a big part of who I was at nine. I also loved the children I ran around with at that age. We had magical summers around my ninth and tenth year.
Ghost stories, loved 'em and still love 'em.
I'm so happy you stopped by. Even happier I stopped by.

mademoisellechitchat said...


I LOVE your new header!

RE: 9, I had the teacher from hell. That's one heffa that I would LOVE to run into. ;)

Maithri said...

I love this picture of you,

The spirit is there... even at the tender age of 9...

Sometimes i'm wonder if anythings changed at all since i was 9 lol

Heres to stayin young at heart, always,

My love to you beautiful sister,


Judy Hartman said...

I love this picture, Shell. You look happy and confident. I was very shy at that age, loved to ride my bike, read and draw.
Haven't thought about that for ages! Thanks for the memories.

Carmen said...

This is wonderful inspiring post Shell!!!
dreaming and reading
writing little poems
dress up ;-)
collecting seashells
coloring books
I never had barbies, you know.
but i made paper ghost with the brown bags.


SE'LAH... said...

great learning more about you Shell.

i have decided, to preserve my daughter's future reputation, i will take my own school photos of her. lol.

gypsy said...

Shell, a lovely post. At 9, I liked to draw and write stories! We loved running through the sprinkler in the yard and riding bikes. Ooh I had forgotten about the Sunday comics! ~ Tammy

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