There are times in life we do things and wonder why did we do that? We accept the fact that we have hidden motivations that lie in our subconscious.

Is our subconscious really hidden from us? Do we really do things from out of the blue? Over the past week I have been thinking on that as I have been dealing with some personal issues. I was reading Wayne Dyer's Excuses Begone; He echoed what I have been feeling.

When your upset, stressed, angry, sad do you listen to what you say to yourself? I want to encourage all of you to do so. I started listening to what I said to myself. I felt I was pretty aware of my thoughts. I realized I was still missing a huge chunk. Those shadowy thoughts that were swimming in my brain began to show me the why of certain choices I made out of fear, lack and anger.

Now, I'm not saying I'm free of all negative thoughts. (I wish!) I hear them now a lot better. I'm learning to detach or mute these thoughts. Feed my brain with positive affirmations and good thoughts. Thoughts of Abundance, Love, Hope, Faith, Action, Creativity, Beauty. Whatever goodness I can get into my head, I do.

Some people would say I'm not facing reality, I like to think I am creating my own reality worthy of my life.



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Some people would say I'm not facing reality, I like to think I am creating my own reality worthy of my life.

brava to you!!!

Christina said...

oh this is beautiful and brave. i want to wear your words next to my heart.
i believe in you. we can believe in each other. ; )

mystele said...

shell, i think we're on freedom's way together. when i read your posts, i wonder if you're reading my mind! thank you for your empowering comments, too.

Caroline said...

Just what I needed to hear! Your comments on my blog have been to helpful too :)

Anonymous said...

these words are very meaningful to me particularly today. i need to start listening.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Shell!

Beautifully said my friend.:o) In the Scriptures it advises us to think on good things...things that are lovely, true, of a good report, simply think on these things. In my experience it is the good thoughts that make for a better life. Thanks for this beautiful post Shell. Enjoy a lovely day.



♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

great post shell! i believe we get in life what we focus focusing on the positive rather than the negative is fabulous!


Laurel said...

Sweet Shell- you are creating your own reality based on your perceptions of what is true for you. Isn't that all that matters? You are so beautiful in all you say and do. I just love the work you put in to be your best self. I have all sorts of names for those voices. Critiqua, Depressia and on and on...don't listen to them...they stink and they are mean !!!
Love to you my kind friend.

Javajune said...

You are so wise and wonderful. I love the way you reason things through and then share it all with us. I so agree with everything you've said.

Marie said...

Shell, Have you ever read the
book by Og Mandingo - The Greatest
Salesman in the World? It is