Award Love

Blog awards. I have been slacking on passing the love along. I'm here to remedy this. I really dislike choosing. If I have forgotten anybody, please forgive me in advance. If your an award and tag free blog, let the spirit of the awards remain in your heart.

Miss Watermelon Award. Nicole gave me this sweet award. She said to fulfill the duties of "Miss Watermelon" I have to tell you six things I love and then pass it on to six people. To me, my interpretation, Miss Watermelon are ladies who are as sweet and juicy as a Watermelon.

Here are six things I love:
1) The color Blue
2) Ballet like shoes
3) Shawls
4) Chocolate chip cookies
5) Romantic looking skirts
6) Watching The Moon

Your An Awesome Girl Award.Laurel gave me this lovely award.

I'm combining the lists so each of you get both awards.

Cheryl Lynn

Circle of Friends Award. Sarah gifted me with this and I have to it pass on to five people you feel are your friends. So I'm going to award this to my favorite male bloggers who always show me love. (There really needs to be some Your a Great Guy awards.)


I also want to tell everyone the talented Mystele is doing her first mixed media class called Gut Art. So go check it out.

That's all folks. Have a wonderful weekend.



Elisa Day said...

I found your blog today. I have been reading it for hours. I had a bad day and needed some inspiration. I found it here! Thank you!

glorv1 said...

Hi Shell. Thank you very much. I've tried to limit the awards when I receive them but I can't turn these down, I love them and again thank you very much. I will post them and list 6 favorite things and then pass them on to others who may/may not accept awards. Viva La Vida!

mystele said...

you are wonderful, shell. always the right words and timing. you lift me up, girl! and just so you know, after the show, i would love to actually go for our collaboration project. we could really do something nice together. think on it.

Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
Thanks! I especially love the watermelon award-love those!
Sarah x

Tarot Dame said...

Thank you Shell! :) Don't know if I've ever been called juicy before, but strangely enough, I kinda like it! Will have to name the first six things that come to mind for my list, as it would be way too hard to narrow that list down intentionally!

Thanks again for the awards hon!


Clarity said...

First of all thank you Shell! I am touched and honoured.
You deserve all these awards together.

I love how we are all connected - Elisa is an amazing artist, who is like the photographer version of you.

Which reminds me, I'll have something special you might like on my blog in a few days, xx.

vchelle said...

Shell, you are so sweet and beautiful! Thank you so much! I will take sweet and juicy anytime and anywhere..LOL!!

I will pass the torch definitely! It was such a nice surprise during this early hour of the morning on a Sunday!! Up reading...(sigh)

Maithri said...

Thank you so much my beautiful friend.... 24 hrs to the big news!! I'm goin insane over here ;) lol

Your light shines like a star in the night,

For all you are and all that you do for this wounded world,

I offer my loving thanks,

Big love, M

Tracy said...

Hi, Shell! Congratulations on all your lovely awards--well done, and well deserved to for you are a big sweetheart-friend! :O) Many thanks for sharing one with me...aaawww...*BLUSH* Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Caroline said...

Thank you so much Shell! You are such a beautiful soul! I love your blog and all the inspiration you put out there. I am still working on giving myself "permission"... XO

Keith said...

Thanks so much. Shell, I really appreciate the award. You are fantastic. I love your blog. Take care. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Cheers!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Thank you, lovely one! I appreciate such a beautiful award coming from such a deserving recipient. Your inspiration is worthy of notice.

Love you much and have a creatively brilliant week!

Laurie said...

Dear Shell,
Thank you so much ~ I think you are awesome too!
I am honored to be on your list.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Shell!

Congratulations on your being honored with these lovely awards, and so deserving I might add.:o) Thanks so much for thinking of me my friend, they both are simply lovely. Swan of Dreamers is a special place, and I thank you for daily sharing your inspiration with us. Enjoy a beautiful week!



Anonymous said...

Oh shell,
thank you so much for the award I can't wait to list my favorite things and pass the love. Hope your Wednesday is filled with all things dreamy.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

how sweet of you to think of me!

thank you! I'll post it in my next blog.


a fanciful twist said...

Oh thank you!!!

You are a sweet treat!!! It is pouring rain, and I thought about you and said, OH MY! I need to contact her Saturday post!!

Why did I think about you in the rain you ask? wellll, I have baklava of the brain ;)

Also, funny enough, I planted watermelon seeds and they are sprouting madly!!! Appropriate I'd say ;)

Thank you again!! xoxo