Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking ahead

Happy Monday. I've been around happily going to everyone else's blogs seeing what is going on. It has been fun. I was able to take the needed time to think where I want to go for the next six months.

I know people generally do a year's plan or five years' plan. I like to do it in smaller increments. The truth is the future is always in motion. You never know when your going to be thrown a wicked curveball in your plans. Have to know where you wish to go and also be flexible when you need to sail in another direction.

I also thought about how good it is to know what you will say no to. The power of the word No is awesome. No means yes to yourself. No means knowing what your heart really wants to do instead of giving a weak yes. This weekend I found myself saying No and feeling free.

I'll be back tomorrow. I'm going to work on doing a video too. Haven't done one in a while. Thinking of reading a passage from Jane Eyre. As always, I hope you are taking time to work on your dream daily.



Sarah said...

You know I always feel calm after reading your posts Shell. Your advice sounds simple but is so clever as it always makes me really think what I want to do. I have been ponderring similar questions as I always do when I get to the holiday and I am going to try to do the opposite of what I normally do( I am a head in the sand type) and actually make a plan so I can get what I need -at work mainly and not be squashed by eveyone else. Thank you!
I would love to hear/see you read a passage from Jane Eyre.
Have a great week.
Sarah x

glorv1 said...

It's good to plan ahead sometime. I always try to do that and if I do it fine, if not...then there's always another time. Take care Shell.

Anonymous said...

It's great to say "No". I use to say yes to everything, but I'm finding the more I say "No" the happier I am. I'm not as stressed out or over-worked.
Great post! Can't wait for the Jane Eyre reading!

clairedulalune said...

Hello, I just found your blog! it's lovely! Pleased to meet you Shell!

Laurel said...

You are so lovely. I have a REALLY hard time saying NO- without qualifying or explaining myself. Always afraid someone will think I am mean. No- is a complete sentance ,as they say ,and I need to remind myself of that often. The flip side of not wanting to be mean is when I don't say no- I end up nursing a big old resentment and then I end up being mean to people who get caught in the crossfire of my insanity :)
Love to you Shell and thank you for making me think.

illahee said...

no is a very important and powerful word, no doubt about it. i need to learn to use it constructively...

sweet dreams shell!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Another encouraging and inspirational post. There is such an urge to create that comes over me after reading your blog. I'm happy that you are working towards making your dreams come true and taking control of your creative destiny.

You have a wonderful week, my dear and a fabulous rest of the evening.

Much love!

Sarah said...

Glad the girls came!

Tracy said...

Hi, Shell! This was a great post! I'm like you in that I plan ahead in several months increments...allowing for additions, changes and flexibility. A lot can actually happen and change within just one year... so a 6 month plan works for me too. :o) Happy week there!

Lady Laurie said...

Hi Shell,
I never plan too far ahead either. You never know what life may throw your way. I know I have learned that over the last few years.
I too would love to see you read a passage from Jane Eyre.

Clarity said...

Jane Eyre sounds lovely. I think small plans are the wisest. Enjoy your week, x

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