Friday, July 17, 2009

Be Another you for a day

One of the best acting tips I got was when I working on a play in my 20's. The director told me to do a whole day of things that wasn't me. Whatever I do normally, do the opposite of. The idea was to help me break out of certain habits so I can get into the crazy character I was doing. I loved that idea. It is something I do from time to time to shake me out of routine and expand my idea of self.

Now, the weekend is here. I suggest for all of you to try this. Today, tomorrow or even things that is unlike you. Here's a easy one. Wear something that is not "you." If you wear dark colors, wear bright colors. If you wear heels all the time, wear flats. If you wear a lot of makeup going out, go with a natural look. If you always listen to a certain type of music, then go for something completely different. I'm sure you get the idea. Run with it and sees what happens.

On Wednesday, I wore a pretty tank top. I don't like having my arms out because my upper arms are too jelly for my taste. (I'm currently working on that to correct the problem.) I felt uncomfortable at first, after a while I felt so good and free. So I'm going to do it again.

If you do try this tip, let me know how it works for you. I do hope you spend time working on your dream today. Your dreams are waiting for you to help bring them to life.



Tarot Dame said...

I LOVE this idea, Shell! Thanks for the inspiration (as always!) :) And I'm certain that you look absolutely gorgeous in a tank top!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!


mademoisellechitchat said...

I'll take your advice. Have a WONDERFUL weekend, Shell!

Sarah said...

I like this idea. I will definitely try it! And that photo could have been taken in my garden!
Have a great weekend Shell!

Dee said...

what a cool idea, I think I'll try it tomorrow. My son is going to think I've flipped out, since I tend to be on the conservative side.

Laurel said...

Hi Sweet Shell thanks so much for popping by- I've missed your sunny self. I love this idea. I am thinking right now what I will do and I think I am going to do something that makes me feel scared! Hmmm- I'll let you know! Thanks for the idea!

Caroline said...

I really really like this idea. Sometimes it is important to shake things up. I'll try it!

Nicole said...

Great idea. I might have to try this!

Jac said...

This is a great idea Shell. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut with ourselves and to do things in a certain way without exploring other possibilities. I'm going to try and broaden my horizons! Recently I started running, I never thought of myself as someone who likes running and it was kind of surprising to find out that I do! - that taught me a lesson that things do change and to not presume - even about myself!!

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

this is an inspiring and wonderful idea. . . . my mind is just all agog about all the things I am NOT that I just might become as I do this experiment. . . . . thanks for the idea. I am going to start with not liking chocolate, and liking to work out, just for today!