Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer of Dreams

Whew. It has been a deep week for me. I'm glad you all enjoyed Antonio's "guest spot" on Wednesday. I've been a big fan of his since Desperado.

It is Friday!! One of my good blogging friends shared with me that she is going to start working on her dream career. I was so happy to hear that. It made my day.

What about all of you? Are your working on your dream? I know there is a recession. I know life can be challenging. Seriously, I do! As mom told me the other week: This is your life, Shell. You know what? This is your life, too! Yes, you reading this. The Summer Soltice ushers in Summer on June 21st. Remember as kids how we have an endless Summer of fun. Make this the Summer of your Dreams. Every day play on your dream.

In the past months, I've stepped up my daily acting practice. I practice my monologues and sonnets. I do my warm ups for my voice and stretches for my body. Write more on my one woman show. I started this to feel connected to my acting and my creativity; also, to help me deal with my grief over my friend's passing.

This Summer play and do with your dream. Take time daily to do one small thing on your dream. It could be 5-10 minutes a day. I like starting small because what happens, you start building an inner rhythm for yourself. When you miss a day, you feel it instantly. Sure enough the next day you are back to your dream play.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step says the philosopher Lao-Tzu. This summer take one small step. If you are already playing on your dream, keep going. Increase the time you spend on it. Look for someone else doing their dreams as your support system. When I feel down, I turn to my friends who give me great energy and love. Don't forget to keep yourself self-motivated with books, podcasts, seminars, music, films, etc.

If you get stuck, send me an e-mail. I'll get your fired up again. Make this a Summer to Dream and Do!!



Chrissy said...

You are such an inspiring person.. You seem to find the best in things and I bet u do achieve your dream.. I am trying to keep positive too and hopefully mine will or come close to coming true... But if it doesn't I know I can accept what will be, will be.... I am enjoying each day as it comes.. and yes, I do work a bit each day on it...

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Such wise and wonderful inspiration and encouragement. I am even more encouraged to do my thing than ever before. This is stellar. Great post my beautiful friend. You are a beautiful soul.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring Shell. I think I will start working towards my dream now :)

Cheryl Lynn said...

See? I told you, you are so inspiring. This is a wonderful post and yet another reason for me to put a fire under myself and get going!

Love you, and Happy Friday!

Sweetina said...

Hello my Wonderful Friend~
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I have been "missing" for quite awhile but am back now!
I've caught up with your posts and each one is more inspiring than the next!
I love the painting you purchased~
gorgeous and i love the energy revealed in it.
I love the names of the monthly moons also! I was born on the Snow Moon,My daughter the Flower or Milk Moon, eldest son = Pink Moon
and my youngest son=Strawberry moon.
We are part Algonquin so it's kinda neat!
Love your thought of living your dream as that's what I'm working at too!!!!

Caroline said...

So inspiring! I want this to be the summer of my dreams. As I get older...they go by so much faster. I just want everything to slow down. I want to bake, make cold lemonade, and take long naps...

Joelle said...

How are you girlfriend??? It is so nice to see your beautiful smile and read your sweet comments. You truely are a doll!
Thank you for thinking of me and caring.
What a wonderful blog you have & how inspiring it is. It just keeps getting better & better.
Thank you for sharing it all with us.
Missed you sweets!
Hope to be around more often and get busy doing what I should be doing.
Summer is crazy here. 2 girls at cheer camp, one in OBX (ocean)
2 home with me in between summer crazyness.
Why do I already need a vacation from summer? It just got here and im already tired. uggggghhhhh is this what you call getting old? nawwwwwwwwww.... Never! ; ) haha
Big huge (((HUGS))))
Joelle XOXO

oh..... Hope everything is going well for you & keep practicing and doing what your doing. You got it... just wait & keep creating... Its in there... so much to give girl! ; ) Muahhhh XOXOXOXOX

Tracy said...

Your post a great lift, Shell! This summer I'm working on my dream...but also making time to enjoy the summer. Summer season is so short in Norway--gotta grab it while we can. There's that saying, "lazy summer days"...I've never found summer lazy. I'm stoked all year round--LOL! Thanks for stopping by to see me--great to see you! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

So many things in my head so little time in one day-lol.

Thanks for the reminder to keep plugging away at the dream.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

ooo! I left you an award over at my blog :)

Clarity said...

Dear Shell,

A lovely thought. I posted a while about dreams and "What do you want to be". I think like me, you are a searcher (and yes flower child at heart!). I adore the blog and hope to return, x.

Jac said...

It's hard not to get fired up with your enthusiasm Shell, so positive and upbeat. This post really made me smile. Everyone needs a summer of dreams! :)

Jac said...

PS I love the photo, it would be fun to swing on that rope underneath that rainbow!

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