Monday, June 22, 2009


Last week I had project that was a great opportunity for me;It seemed like I had won the golden ticket. As the days got closer to my third interview, my stomach felt like a bowling ball inside me. I spent the whole day before my interview losing myself in watching Byron and Wire in The Blood which were both so good. My feelings were screaming at me this is not the right project for me.

Doing my best to honor the Jedi within me, I finally had to acknowledge my intuition. I made the choice to cancel the interview and pass on the project. As soon as I did this, my body and mind felt clearer and lighter.

I woke up today still with regret. Not so much that I turned it down, I wish it had been a better fit for me. This weekend reminded me how important it is to stay true to myself. When we are walking on the road to manifest our dreams, we will get opportunities which appear great. You have to be strong enough to discern whether this is where you want to go. If isn't, then you have to say no thanks. Keep moving and like George says, you have to have Faith. I do have faith. I hope you do too. I know there with be other golden tickets which will be right for me.

I also hope, you will make time to work on your dream today.



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

good for you - I don't ever pass up projects because I'm so damned afraid that it'll be the last one ever offered me. matter what George Michael says LOL

Cheryl Lynn said...

This is such good advice. I've had two incidents in which I should have turned down the assignment. But something good came out of both. Other opportunities arose that were very beneficial to me. Proof that "the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord..." Sometimes the Lord will turn our captivity even when we make wrong choices.

You are very brave to turn down what LOOKED like a good opportunity. Having that kind of discernment is very important in life, especially for those of us of the artistic persuasion. We must never become so desperate for assignments and projects that we throw sound judgment to the wind.

Love you much, my Dear, and have a good evening.

Caroline said...

I agree 100%. It is so hard sometimes to listen to your heart... Your intuition will always let you know when you are on the right path. Just as you said, after canceling the interview you felt relief. That's pretty powerful.

Elizabeth said...

Just found the right blog, read the right words at the right time. Thank you.

Elizabeth said...

Just found the right blog, read the right words at the right time. Thank you.

mademoisellechitchat said...

I read your comments on my post. It's a MESS. I just don't understand America's educational system.

I am sending good thoughts your way! ;)

Suzie the Foodie said...

Here's to listening to your body! It really is our barometer. I'm so happy you did so Shell, this was wise and will keep you healthy and happy.

Thank you also for your comments and support. I really appreciate it so much. I'm holding on, thanks to good friends like you. Maybe what I am going through will help others.

I am so sorry for that profound loss Shell, losing loved ones is the hardest. I hope you are finding healing each and every day.

Christina said...

This is so true. There is a certain weight that immediately comes off of my shoulders, when I follow my gut.
This is beautiful!
; )

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that you made the right decision. I have found that my intuition never lies. I too passed on a work opportunity recently because I knew in my heart that I couldn't withstand the heartache of watching children in the foster care system suffer.
I think deep down we always know what's right for us. You were brave and I'm sure something good will result.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Beautifully stated my Dear Shell. Just this morning during a wonderful conversation with my daughter this too was our sentiment. I remember Mom telling us as kids "all that glitter ain't gold", and so many many times Mom was right. So now I am very careful about the glittery things in life.

Thank you for the sweet Birthday wish my friend. Have a lovely rest of the week.



Clarity said...

I love this post.

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