Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am half way through my Jane Austen reading campaign. I still have Emma and Mansfield Park yet to read. I have a feeling Persuasion will be my favorite. I do so love Anne Elliot, who makes the best of her life, with dignity and compassion for those around her. Her family, oh my. They are just the worst, I so bad wanted Anne to just tell them off. I know, this is not done in JA's world. When the dashing Captain Frederick Wentworth comes in, I held my breath too. I know a book has captured my heart when I feel like I’m the main character. I’m sure you all have that sensation before. That the book and your life is becoming one. The characters in the book fuse with people in your own life. When Anne finally realizes: His feelings as to first, strong attachment, sentences begun which he could not finish, his half-averted eyes and more than half-expressive glance, all, resentment, avoidance, were no more and that they were succeeded, not merely, by friendship and regard, but by tenderness of the past. Yes, some share of the tenderness of the past! She could not contemplate the change as implying less. He must love her.” I was as happy for Anne as it was my own self. My cheeks brightened and my eyes came alive as hers. I finished Persuasion sad to see Anne, Captain Wentworth along with the happy Musgroves, Lady Russell and Mrs. Smith to go. As with all good books, they are only waiting for us to come again and dive into their world. I do encourage all of you who haven't read it, to do so. Here is part of my favorite passage from Captain Wentworth. I did watch the most recent 2008 PBS version of Persuasion which I enjoyed except when they had Anne running all over to find Captain Wentworth to answer his letter. I do want to watch the 1995 version. I'm currently immersed in the whimsical, magical and sometimes trippy world of Alice in Wonderland. I have seen the Disney and other versions but never read the actual book. I am enjoying it. I was inspired to actually read the story since I'm taking part in the 2nd annual Mad Tea Party being hosted by Vanessa. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go click on the link. Or the first button of the right sidebar. Once I'm finished with Alice, it's off to either Emma or Mansfield Park. Haven't decided which one yet. So this is quite a long post. Let me end it now, I must share I do adore the Chesire Cat. He is quite a character. Have a wonderful Wednesday. As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.


Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

I simply love Mr. Cheshire. He was clearly my favorite from the Alice in Wonderland story. He was so cool, wise, and sly.

I'm so happy you're having such a good time with your "Jane Campaign!"

Continue to be sweet, and have a wonderfully literary week!

Sarah said...

I love that Cheshire cat! I liked 'Persuasion' but 'Pride and Prejudice' is my favourite. I have not read 'Northanger Abbey' and would like to read 'Mansfield Park' again as I read it at school.
I totally agree about the running in that film, I thought it was ridiculous!
I too am going to the tea party! I will see you there!
Have you read 'Tarka the Otter'? I just finished that and I thought it was one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. It is so like a poem-especially near the beginning and there are countless beautiful lines. I think you would like it.
Sarah x

Tristan Robin said...

What is it about "Mansfield Park" that intrigues me so much? I've read it several times - and I'm sure will read it several more.

I also thought the film was a real kick.

I agree with your assessment of "Persuasion" - great book, fun tv show - and the running was imbecilic! LOL

Her Speak said...

Have you seen the ads for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland? Looks AMAZING!!

Thank you for treating us to the cheshire grin. :D

Much Joy~*

Anonymous said...

Pride and Prejudice is my favourite. Though I am yet to see a film version that comes even close to the words that Austen creates.

illahee said...

persuasion is probably my second favorite, or maybe tied with sense and sensibility, after pride and prejudice. i absolutely LOVE the 1995 version of persuasion (it uses an alternate passage found in austen's writing, i believe) and is just lovely in that BBC/masterpiece theater way. lurve ciaran hinds. *swoon* i haven't seen the 2007 production (yet).

as for deciding between mansfield park and emma...emma is kind of dreamy where MP seems to have a kind of dark side. well, a dark side for jane austen anyway!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

i saw the movies, i mean all the pbs movies and love them very very very much!
I will be participating with Vanessa, i am ready for a good full of fun party, LOL that's for sure!

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

Hey, lovely lady. I've got something nice for you on my blog. Take a look see when you get a moment.

Love ya, and have a great weekend!

Gossamer Creations said...

I decided a while ago that I must read Jane Austen, I can't believe I never have.I think it was seeing the JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB that made me want to read her books. I am starting with PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.........I think I will have to wait until school gets out to really dive into it. You make it all sound so lovely to read I can hardly wait. Love your post.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I love it when I feel like I'm in the story! By the way, you were right, I LOVED Twilight :)

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