Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Phillis and Emily

Happy March! Even though it's cold here in The Bronx, I am dreaming of Spring. Finally, I have another audio post. This one has the poetry of the first African American female published poet, Phillis Wheatley and my old friend, Emily Dickinson. I am reading the poems: On Being Brought from Africa to America and A Hymn to The Evening by Phillis; also, I taste a liquor never brewed and Adrift! A little boat adrift by Emily.

Please be aware that the text I'm reading Emily from may be slightly different from the links to her poetry. I don't know why editors feel the need to edit her work! Even the version I have does not have Emily's dashes which I love. So eventually I want to get her poetry with her dashes left intact. Also, Phillis isn't the first African American poet as I stated in the video. (I just discovered this today!) That honor goes to Jupiter Hammond; nevertheless, she is still the first sistah poet to be published in this country.

I hope you all enjoy. Please send me requests of poetry or prose you like to be read. I am happy to do so. As always, sweet dreams to you all.

PS. My last audiopost was lost when I changed my youtube account. I'm going to go back and redo it.


Lynne said...

I'm still waiting for spring to show it's face here. I've just been catching up with your posts. I enjoy films but I'm not that well informed about them so it's interesting to read what you have to say.

a fanciful twist said...

Oh, I am so excitied to listen as soon as I get off the phone with Mombie ;)

Spring is oh sooo near ;) ;) xoxo

Beverly said...

Dearest Shell, For your beautiful and joyous spirit, a gift awaits you:


Lisa said...

Beautiful Shell!

Her Speak said...

I love listening to these! It's like being visited by a velvet voiced siren! Beautiful work. :)

Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

thezeninyou said...

Oh Shell, that was beautiful! You have a great voice and the images were lovely! Thank you :)

Judy Hartman said...

Shell, This is fantastic! I've always been a Dickinson fan, and was happy to be introduced to Phllis Wheatley. I always loved Sarah Teasdale, especially her poems, 'Barter' and 'Peace'.
Loved hearing your voice!

Cheryl Lynn said...

I can't think of anyone I'd rather hear read the poetry of Phillis Wheatley, Emily Dickinson, or any of the other poets I love so much. Your voice is perfect, positively ethereal.

Thanks so much for the shout-out, sweetie. Can't wait for the next audio-post.


Sarah said...

I love listening to you read Shell. You have such a beautiful voice. Hearing those poems has added to the beauty of a sunny morning here in London.
Hope it gets warmer soon!
Sarah :)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

lovely oral interpretations of these works ... very evocative.

I found your site through Ingrid at Fashion is My Muse ... I'm now a follower!

Lady Prism said...

Very lovely..so relaxing...