The Kiss of Inspiration

As much as I love acting, my passion for it has been muted. I've haven't been feeling the crackle or desire for my main creative love. A lot of this has to do with my Sean and how it's affected my view of life.

Last night, I went out with my friend, Neo. It's just what I needed. Whenever we get together it's always a creative meeting of our minds and spirits. We mutually support, encourage and inspire each other to our highest potential. We went to see King Lear at The National Black Theater in Harlem. It was a great show. King Lear is played by Tony award winning actress Trezana Beverley. She was amazing in the role!

Neo and I both came away energized from watching the play. I arrived back home with a livelier step. I got up this morning with wings on my back. I have been flying with all kind of creative juice for my acting. I discovered a new Shakespeare monologue to work on. I'm feeling my swing again with acting.

I also got my new Jane Austen Tarot Deck!! Yipee!! I've been wanting this deck for so long. I still have to buy the companion book. (If anyone has the companion book and they don't want it, I love to have it.) The deck is lovely. I've read two of Jane's books. I have seen various movies of her novels. I won't have any problems reading with the cards. Tomorrow, I'll start using the deck for my card of the day. I look forward to diving into Jane's world and unlock all the secrets within. Here are a few images I scanned that I found to capture the essence of the feeling of the card.

This is the Chariot.

Ten of Wands and The Three of Swords

The Eight of Coins and The Seven of Cups

If you've been feeling blah about one of your creative passions. I say do what I did. Go and see your craft being done. Maybe seeing someone else do it in a show, gallery, performance, lecture will inspire you. I said yesterday we learn by doing. We also learn by watching our fellow artists at work.

I should have an audiopost of poetry either tomorrow or Monday. Look out for it.

Sweet Dreams to you all.


Lisa said...

Yay! It feels so good when those wings sprout again.

Cheryl Lynn said...

You are so right about watching, listening to, or reading others who do your craft. That's what happened with my writing. I was inspired while helping my friend to edit her script which is being made into a movie due to start shooting soon.

Yay for your revival of the spirit!

Anonymous said...

YaY for you and your dear friend! What a wonderful time you had!!! Your suggestion to go see someone else doing your craft is BRILLIANT! Dreaming and Believing! xoxoxo

Poetic Dreams said...

Hi Sweetie,
I like ya cards. Have ya ever thought to make ya own? I think ya could make some wonderful ones. I have never read the Jane Austin books. *hangs head in shame* I do plan on getting to them. I did see one of the movies does that count? lol

I hope ya have a wonderful day.
Big Hugs~

Anonymous said...

Oh Shell! What an inspiring post for me to read today. You are such a light in the dark. Your words on my blog today were just what I needed. Here's a big cyber hug to you.

XOXO Caroline

Lady Laurie said...

Oh my Jane Austen tarot cards ~ that's a hoot!
I remember reading King Lear in high school, a bit of hard read if I remembber!
Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Her Speak said...

What a stunning deck! I never would have thought that the novels would translate so well into tarot!

Here's to The Juice!! I can't wait for you new post! It's always a treat to hear you read. :)

Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

Marener said...

que bonitas fotos, me gustn mucho, sobre todo Denzel W. I love him :)
saludos desde Italia

Lady Prism said...

Absolutely true! Seems like my "Lady Inspiration" just got closeted away for awhile, but reading here and others of same brightness is helping to coax her out again.

Thank you!