Friday, March 6, 2009

Dreaming of Spring

Thank you all for the love on my audiopost! You all give me the energy and confidence to go on with it. Judy, I just read a few of Sara Teasdale's poems and really loved them. I'm going to include her on the next audiopost. If anyone has suggestions of poets or pages from novels you want me to read, please just let me know in comments or e-mail me. Also, I'm trying to figure out a how to do a video with me acting out a few poems. I want it to be something like this video with Matthew Macfadyen from Pride and Prejudice fame.

Though it's a lovely gray day in The Bronx. I dream of sunshine..

A secret garden where I can wander in.

Feel the sunshine kiss my skin.

Watch the clouds sail the endless blue.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone. Though we are still in Winter, keep dreaming about Spring. It is almost here! As always, sweet dreams to you all.


Poetic Dreams said...

Today it's in the 70's. Wonder what the rest of the month will be. lol Hope ya having a wonderful weekend hun. I really need to make a new entry. Been dealing with major migraines lately.
Big Hugs~

jess gonacha said...

those first two images are so beautiful!! i, too, am dreaming of spring. come oooooon, spring!!

Lady Prism said...

Hello Shell,

How are you? Sorry I haven't been around for a long while. I was sick and found it difficult to do anything for quite awhile. I've missed reading ere and basking in your bright positivity, including your soothing poem reading. hearing you will do wonders for my breathing. Am' slowly getting back to cyber.

Summer has just started here and thank goodness! I luv' sunshine and am' looking forward to see lots of blooming things as well.

Am' off to read your other posts now...

I can be read at

yes, I have a new, much sunnier home now:>

Lady Prism said...


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