My first video

Here it is. Me live and in person. I'm using my crystal eye webcam which is on my laptop. Time to explore and expand my horizons.


Sweetina said...

Oh this was wonderful Shell! You are such a Sweetheart and it felt like i had met you before!
Nat King Cole's voice has been in my head since my late mother took me to see Cat Baloo when I was around 1o years old! But also because,my mother sang in many local productions and around the house all the time. Nat King Cole was her favorite. To be honest, whenever I hear the song Unforgettable, i usually get teary to say the least,as my mother passed 30 years ago. Just reminds me of her.

Poetic Dreams said...

Ya are TOO CUTE!!! I love it how adorable ya are. Ya did a wonderful job with it being ya first vlog. I need to learn how to work my web cam before I can even think to make a Vlog. lol
Wishing ya a wonderful night.
Big Hugs~

Maithri said...


How completely AWESOME!!!

You're beautiful,

lotsa love to you my friend,


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

there's nobody I'd rather listen to ramble on :-)

you're a natural for video blogging! Looking forward to more!

I know that my iMac has video capability - but so far I have only figured out how to snap a photo - so you're waaaay ahead of me!

Nicole said...

I love your video blog! Congrats on getting out there and trying something new. Nat King Cole is so amazing! I can't wait to see more videos from you.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Hey, Cutie Pie! What a wonderful video. You make me want to get my own webcam for my computer.

Happy to finally meet you even if it is through video. Can't wait to see more of you.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

Oh Shell, I love this! Thank you for making a video. I can't wait for the next one. :)

Sarah said...

So great to see you in person! Good first video, the sound and picture are great-really clear.
Looking forward to more!
Sarah :)

maritessb said...

How fun! You totally wear your personality on your sleeve. You're just as nice and positive as your blog. I have a video cam on my laptop too.. it's something I would never consider doing. So big ups on the confidence. Good thing I think you're a natural.

Have a great weekend sweetie!

mermaid musings said...


p.s. say it again, it was so joyful ;-)