Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Loving Nat

Wishing all of you to find your own very pot o' gold on this St. Patrick's Day.

Today, I found out it is Nat "King" Cole's birthday! When I was about 16, my mom got a 4 record album (Vinyl) set of Nat King Cole. She started playing his music and I fell in love with him. His voice is beauty to me: Rich and Deep. As well as being a talented vocalist, he was also a wonderful Jazz pianist.

Nat for me defined elegance, style and class; He also has the honor of being the first African American to have his own variety show: The Nat King Cole show in the late 50's. Nat's legacy lives on not only in his children including his daughter Natalie Cole but his vast amount of music he has left behind. In honor of what would have been his 90th birthday, I'm posting two videos of him. If you don't him, please check him out. He is worth getting to know. There is only one Nat "King" Cole. There will be never be another like him.
Here is one of my favorites: Pretend.

Nat singing Let There Be Love.

I love you Nat! As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

When I was very young, Nat Cole had dinner with my parents at our home (and with quite a few other people). It was some kind of political fund raiser of one sort or another.

I was too young - I didn't get to meet him. But my mother played his music, and I knew the words to Ramblin Rose and Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer by heart when I barely knew my address and phone number by heart!LOL

mermaid musings said...

i am visiting your friend to see the tags right now ;-)
hoping you are having a great pat's day ;-)

Judy Hartman said...

I have ALWAYS loved Mr. Cole. My mom listened to his albums on our 'hi-fi' when I was a kid and I remember his show. Now I have a couple of CDs of his work and still enjoy him!

Poetic Dreams said...

When I think of soothing,romantic Music Nat is one on my list. His voice is amazing.
I hope ya day is wonderful.
Big Hugs~

Maithri said...

My dear and Beautiful friend,

I've missed your beautiful words and the warmth of your spirit...

I love Nat, always have, always will... His music has accompanied so much of my journey...

I love your choices... I've always liked those two as well... 'pretend' and 'let there be love'... others I like are 'Thats all' 'Stardust' 'Not much' ... i could go on forever ;)

Thank you for bein the wonderful beacon of light that you are,

Much love to you my friend,


Anonymous said...

awesome! i never knew it was his birthday. its my friends birthday yesterday, too. what a coincidence :)

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