Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday. I see I have some people ready to be dangerous and dream with their eyes open!! Spring is the perfect time to shake things up and live boldly!! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read the post from Sunday.

I've noticed the buds on the trees are staring to appear. I'm excited it is Spring. Unfortunately, it 26 degrees here in New York!! Hey, the sun is shining. Just have to be patient, right?

Going to my mom's today. She is going to be connected to the internet for the first time!! Look out internet here comes my Mom. I also have been surfing in creative worlds with Neo. We have been hanging tight recently. It has been really great for me. He comforts me and inspires my flights of imagination. (Gosh I hope that doesn't sound corny.) Especially with all I have been going through, I am glad he's back in my life. He makes me feel that I can do anything I put my mind to which is why I call him Neo.

I must now venture into the Spring cold afternoon. Spring and cold should not even be in the same breathe. Take care everyone. As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.


Poetic Dreams said...

Enjoy ya day with ya mom hun. Ya mom is in for a whole new world with the internent. She'll be moseying around be ya know it.
It's nice to have someone in ya life who makes ya feel safe and comfortable.Wishing ya a wonderful day. Hugs~

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Shell,
Happy Spring to you too ~ although it does sound a bit chilly (just a bit) there in New York!!
That is so nice that your Mom will be online ~ tell her I said hi. Who knows maybe she'll want her own blog!
Stay warm ~

Cheryl Lynn said...

Happy, happy Spring, my Dear. It was 27 degrees here in Metro Detroit this morning. It didn't get too much warmer this afternoon.

Can't wait for Spring to stop taunting us. Hope you and your mom had a wonderful day.

Love ya, Kisses!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Hope you have better experience with your mom on the internet than I did with mine.

I now receive 10-12 emails a DAY from her ... we haven't had this much communication since I left for college.

I love her - but enough is enough! She took to the WWW like a duck to the proverbial!

Enjoy the almost-there-Spring-day!

Her Speak said...

Here's to the DrEaM! I'm feeling particularly dangerous today. ;)
I'm glad to hear you are on a path of healing. :)

Much Joy!~*

Nicole said...

I love Spring. You're right, it's a great time to be inspired and take on projects. How does your mom like the internet?

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hello Pretty Lady!!! What a pleasure it was it get a comment from you. You made my day!!!! HAPPY SPRING MY LADY! I just wanted to say to you again how much I really, really appreciate you taking time out of your very busy day to leave a comment on my blog! It's graciously excepted and appreciated from the bottom of my inky heart he he he!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh I had to watch your first video! You did such a great job!!!! I'm so proud of you. This is just great Girly!!! You are on a roll. i can't wait to see more! Way to go!!!

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