Fun and Random facts about Me

Hi everyone. My mom is still taking baby steps with being online. I'm hoping to get her signed up with an e-mail address by week's end. It's Wednesday, I feel it's time for more Random facts about me!

1) I've been drawn to the color Pink for Spring.

2) I'm enjoying the freedom of being single; I can take time to get clear on the type of man I want to attract in my life.

3) I'm craving to read Jane Eyre, so I can return to Thornfield Hall with Jane and Mr. Rochester.

4) I have to find out when Toshi Kubota is performing in NYC, so I can see him perform live. He's a soulful Japanese man.

5) I also want to get this CD again. I lost it when my computer crashed. Along with music from the tv show, Ron Perlman is reading poetry as Vincent. It is beautiful. Always get me in a dreamy and romantic state of mind.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. It's time to go out and get into an adventure or two. I'll be back tomorrow. As always, sweet dreams to you all.


Poetic Dreams said...

Good random facts hun. I've always liked the color pink.Not sure why. I hope ya mom settles soon into the cyber world.It can be such a wonderful experirence.
I hope ya have a beautiful day! Hugs~

Cheryl Lynn said...

I just love your random facts about little ole you. You are such an interesting and inspirational person.

Much love and kisses, my Sweet.

Her Speak said...

Woo hoo! ThInK PiNk! :)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

heh heh - I may steal your pink photo to include on Beverly's Pink Saturday some week! :-)
(I was a fan of Beauty and the Beast when it was still on tv and was disappointed when it was canceled.)

Anonymous said...

Beauty & the Beast!!! I fell in love with Vincent & miss the show sooo much. I wonder if it can be had on DVD? I think that must be how some people feel about the new "Twilight" books & movies.

I found you by way of Tristan. Love your blog...I will be back.

Smiles, Debbie

Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
I enjoyed the random facts about you. I love that picture of the girl-is she a girl or is she one of those very realistic and quite scary ball jointed dolls? If she is a girl she is very lucky to have such doll like skin and features!
Have you seen the BBC recent version of Jane Eyre? It was actually quite well done I thought.

Nicole said...

I love random facts! I'm also very attracted to pink this Spring. I hope you have a great weekend!