Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dreamthought #10: Follow your Fascinations

"We are all creative and original--we just need to release our flow. What ideas, colors, people, concepts, lifestyles, etc. captivate you? Where is your energy naturally drawn? Keep a fascination list for a month and it will provide you with invaluable clues to your purpose."

My recent fascinations:

1) The color Pink.
2) Reading Manga and Graphic Novels.
3) Writing a poem a day.
4) Imaging ways to live in Paris for a month or two.
5) Learning my new Queen Margaret monologue

What are you fascinated with?


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I'm starting to be fascinated by you....

oh, geesh - that sounds SO like a stalker, doesn't it?! LOL

Nicole said...

Beautiful Picture!
I'm fascinated by...
1. hot soothing bubble baths
2. everything violet
3. playing with crayons

jess gonacha said...

oooh, this is GREAT, Shell! I love the idea of keeping a fascination list.

Right now I'm fascinated with:

1. creating video blog posts
2. the colors of springtime in Georgia after lots of rain
3. how much I adore my cat
4. Wayne Dyer
5. the idea of taking it easy and not feeling guilty about it.


Lady Laurie said...

Yes, think PINK!!

Great fascinations list !
Hope you have a great week ~ how in your Mom enjoying being online??

Sarah said...

What a great idea! If you live in Paris for a month or two I could come and visit on the Eurostar!
I am currently fascinated by trees, birds,(I am trying to become someone who can finally distinguish between crows and rooks. I found out that there is an even bigger eagle than a golden eagle that sometimes visits the uk!) spring flowers, the colour green and outdoor education in general. If I think back to this time last year it was the Tudors!

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