I know today I was going to talk about another favorite film. Some personal events have intervened. Anakin and I said goodbye last night. I promised myself not to cry. I did. I know it's not like I'll never see him again. Still it was painful for me for him to go. I went to bed feeling upset and moody.

Then I had this dream. It reminds me of the quote by Emily Bronte:
“I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.”

I dreamed about Gerry.Or all you know him better as Gerard Butler. I've have been quite Gerry mad since "300" came out. He's just one of my favorite actors. Okay, on to the dream.

Gerry and I were with a gang of people. We were sitting at a booth in a diner. I turned to look him and then he gazed over at me. Then it dawned on him that I liked him. I blushed realing he knew my secret and went to leave. He came after me; Took my hand and we walked down the street together just talking. Then we went to a party at my old apartment. I walked into my childhood bedroom. He came and put his arms around me. Then he started kissing me. It was vivid. Even when I was waking up, Gerry kept pulling me back into the dream. He kept saying "I'm not going to let you go." It was as if he knew I was dreaming, even though I didn't. When I finally woke up. For about an hour, I kept feeling the sensation of his hand in mine. All of this compelled me to do the picture above and the collage of pictures of Gerry you see below

Trust me when I say my dream life is vivid. This has to be one of my top ten greatest dreams. What does it all mean? I'm sure part of it is a reaction to Anakin's leaving. The dream comforted me immensely. Tomorrow, I promise I'll be back with my another favorite film. If you like to share a vivid dream of yours with me. I love to hear all! And it doesn't have to be with Gerry or a famous person. Don't forget the clock is ticking for my giveaway. Just let me know if you like to enter. The giveaway is a lovely book and some other surprises.

As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.


Poetic Dreams said...

I didn't see 300 but I did see P.S. I Love You and HE's SO SEXY! Love his eyes and Jaw. That's what I look for in a guy. Sad Huh? The Jaw? Well it's gotta look strong,and fit the man. Hope that makes sense. lol
I wouldn't want to wake from that dream either.
Still looking forward to ya drawing! Hope ya having a wonderful day hun.
Big Hugs~

maritessb said...

I also saw PS I love you. He's sooo fione!!!!!!!! Made me cry many tears that I was fighting with my husband after the movie to be as passion as his character. Also to look like Gerard. LOL.

What a lovely dream.

Lisa said...

You've been through a lot lately and suffered losses. I'm so glad that you could find comfort in your dreams Good for Gerard! :D

I don't have many vivid dreams. I had one about a month ago that I'll tell you about sometime. It's way too long to put in the comments. I do think I know what it means now though.

Curious? hehe

Lisa said...

Oh, and I did say I wanted to be included in the draw, right? Just making sure. lol

Mark said...

Sounds like a wonderful dream for you. Sweet dreams!

Nicole said...

I love hearing about your dreams! They are vivid! I love it when I have dreams that feel so real...as long as they're good dreams. I forgot Gerard was in Phantom of the Opera!

jess gonacha said...

oooh, ever since i saw PS, I love You he's been my FAVE!! and i got mad at my fiancé afterwards, too, for not being like his character. I wonder how many women did that? :)

Thank you for stopping by Pecannoot, too-- I'm so glad you like it!

Sweetina said...

I havent see any new movies in ages...but Gerry is a Looker!
Last night was the first night in months that I had a dream I remembered. I was on a push bike riding down the road in BH and there was Denzel coming out of a Salon..I almost drove onto the sidewalk. Then as I drove down the road, it curved and there was a line of movie stars and I waved and they waved and they all had their hair in curlers and various stages of of preparing for the Oscars.On the Street and outside the theater. I so wanted to really scan the place for Wentworth Millar but was afraid of catching his eye...
funny huh!

Cheryl Lynn said...

The man is just beautiful. Have you seen RocknRolla yet? I'm planning on watching it this evening. When you see or if you've seen it, let me know what you think.

Love ya, Sweetie.

mermaid musings said...

oh i love him!
first time i saw him was in "p.s i love you" and oh my! i love his looks and accent ;-)

mermaid musings said...

vivid dreams rock!
you rock!

Brigitte said...

I love that man. I watched PS I Love You the other day and got so impatient I had to ffwd to watch all of his scenes.