Emily and Nikki

Happy Thursday everyone. I'm back with another audiopost with me reading the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Nikki Giovanni. Here you can check out the texts of the poems here: Because I could Not Stop for Death, A Summer Love Poem and Wild Nights. The audio is very wabi sabi. I record from my mp3 player. I'm looking into getting a microphone so the sound can be cleaner. I hope you all enjoy.

P.S. This video is an updated version of the original one I lost. (3/4/09)


mermaid musings said...


standing ovation for beautiful talented mermaid YOU!

p.s. hugs!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Thank you! Beautifully read, beautifully done my friend!:o) It was so exciting hearing your voice!! Enjoy a lovely weekend!



gemma said...

You do that so well!
Honestly that was awesome.

Maithri said...


Theres such depth and richness in your voice... I love the poetry and I'm so grateful that you shared this with us today.

Blessings of love my friend,


Sacred Suzie said...

You rock! Oh I loved hearing you read the poems, especially Emily Dickinson who I adore. Right on Emily! Right on Shell!

BTW, Jamie interviewed me for 12 Secrets so you will get to hear my voice next week. I am so nervous about it! My voice isn't half as beautiful as yours, hopefully I won't be too annoying.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Shell!

I am so excited about sending you the pincushions and hope you love them! I will e-mail you right away so I can get them out to you! Congratulations my friend!!:o)



Her Speak said...

I ADORE you interpretation of "Because"--I've heard so many people read that poem so stiffly because people think Dickinson was a proper prudish woman. I don't think they could be further from the truth!Talk about a wild woman! Your presentation was very beautiful and lyrical--what a treat to hear you read! I agree--if Emily wrote the line, she meant it and it should be published!

I'm putting in another request, tee hee! I'd love to hear you read some Jack Kerouac! His work is so juicy, descriptive and rhythmic, I think it would suit your velvety delivery. :) Thank you so much for sharing these gems with us! I can't wait for the next installment.

Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

Cheryl Lynn said...

A lovely reading of beautiful poetry.


Cheryl Lynn said...

Oh yeah, I forgot my request. Please read some Phillis Wheatley. I think your voice would suit her ethereal, inspirational poetry quite well.

Can't wait!

Sarah said...

I really enjoyed listening to you reading those beautiful poems Shell. You have a lovely voice.

Lady Prism said...

You have such a cool soothing voice!

I love all the poems but 'Wild Nights' was the most vivid in my mind as you read it.

Ive always wanted to be part of a reading circle but there is no such group I know ov' here...well..except those Bible groups, but I've had too much of those already.

Listening to your poetry readings make me feel like I'm part of a reading group. I look forward to hearing more

Suzanne said...

Amazing. I agree with everyone else, you have a wonderful voice.

I'm here because you are the recipient of MY3's award designed by me! I wanted to be sure you're worthy!!! You are. And you love Emily. You're my kinda lady!

Beautiful blog. I'll be back to read more. For now I'm in a funk because we had to bury a beloved cat yesterday and I'm waiting to awaken from this nightmare. I have a request. Poetry about loss or awakening from grief.

Maithri sure knew what he was doing when he chose the recipients of this award.

XO Suzanne

My Word Verification is "table." That's funny. Finally, a real word!!!