Creativity saves

I keep hearing my friend Sean in my ear go "Michie, you need to get your butt in gear. I may be dead. But your not." He always called me Michie. His voice is just as bossy as ever. So I know the best way to honor my Sean is for me to live.

I have to be honest this is so hard. I've lost family members close to me. Their deaths hurt me. This is different. I've never lost really any of my closest friends. Someone who I dreamed with and made plans to do all these adventures. Now, I am left to carry on, alone.

I have been in a creative frenzy. Yes, I said frenzy. I am an emotional eater. I have been feeling the urge to eat mass quantities of cupcakes, pizza, chips. (You can insert in any of your favorite foods here.) Seriously, that won't help my grief. It will cause more problems. Instead of eating, I turned to being creative.I have been sewing, scanning, writing, collaging. Pouring myself creatively into anything that soothes me. Creativity can save your life.

So you want to see what I have been doing?

I made this pillow on my birthday. I hand stitched it and in the back used buttons to close it.

This pillow I made yesterday using the little sewing machine my friend, Anakin gave me.

This my very first Jeans bag I made on Monday. I stayed up late trying to do this. Not bad for a first effort. I want to get a bedazzler so I can put all kinds of glittery things on it. I wore it out today and felt very cool.

This is the cover of what I'm calling my dreambook. It has my list of goals I want to accomplish in 2009. I originally had my list in a plain bigger notebook, I said I need to make it pretty. I took this smaller notebook and went collage mad. Put my goals in here.

This is the inside of the cover of my Dreambook.

Now, I didn't make this! This is my tuxedo cat, Mabel. She is so not into me taking pictures of her. I tell her I want everyone to see what a beautiful cat I have. As you can see, Mabel is not amused.

Swanofdreamers was quiet for a while, I have to continue on. This place is my haven. Being here and sharing my adventures with all of you will help me to heal. I'll be back tomorrow.

Sweet dreams to you all.


KathrynAntyr said...

Your projects are wonderful! Those pillows look so inviting. I could use a dozen for my bed. Oh how I understand the emotional eating and I too create compulsively. I dive in and people wonder how I find the time. I get to a point where I can't stop. I guess I'm a bit manic. My heart goes out to you thinking of your losses. I recently saw an interview of a family that had lost a child and how they healed and continue to heal by serving others, loving others, and creating. I think the answer to all of our hurts is love. You are a beautiful and amazing woman. I love your verve. Remember you are not alone. {soul hugs} k

mystele said...


Lisa said...

Everything looks so great Shell! I believe art heals. It saved my life. I am so glad that you are able to turn to your creativity to help you through this. Those pillows look amazing! You made me want to journal on a notebook, too. :) Oh and I love your new blog look, too.

I really admire you, Shell. You're a wonderful, loving and creative woman. xoxoxox

Ananda said...

You have such a lovely blog. I discovered it while reading it Genie Sea's blog. I love your pillow and the jean bag is divine. Your dream book made me think about my promise to create one for myself last year ... never did. It is time to get myself in gear and follow your lead. The kitty cat photo was sweet. Congrats on all of your creative efforts. Keep flowing.

Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
I love your pillows and the jeans bag, very cool! I am glad you are finding comfort in creativity, it is such a great thing to be able to do. Your journal looks very inspiring. I always love all the little bits and pieces you find to put on your blog and I am sure your journal will be a visual treat too-show us more soon! Mabel looks most fed up you are right, I have never seen a less happy to be photoed cat! Mine have kind of got used to it.
Take care,
Sarah x

maritessb said...

lol. your cat is adorable!!!! and yay! for creative frenzies

Her Speak said...

Wowza! You are a creative tsunami lady! Love it! What a beautiful and heartfelt way to honor your friend. He would be so proud to know you are living a beautiful juicy life in his memory.

Much Love & Healing~*

Maithri said...

My friend,

There is so much talent, so much depth and beautiful creativity in you....

I have no doubt that the world has only glimpsed the beauty and love that you have to give...

Be kind to yourself,

Know that your own unique grace is sufficient for the journey...

This world, This day is our gift...

We just need to

Untie the ribbons,

Much love to you, M

esk said...

The creativity is just oozing out of you! :-)

And Mabel's facial expression: priceless. LOL

mermaid musings said...

oh my! I love everything but the jeans bag is my favorite, i can't wait to see it with all the glittery stuff!
very good dear!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

YOU are awesome! Love your fun fresh pillows. Yep... get the bedazzler out & Posh up that bag with tons of sparkles & flowers??? who knows. but you'll make it fun!
Art does heal. Thats why I create daily. My life is stress. always.
God blessed me with a creative mind to handle it all.
You go Girl!
Love you & Big Kisses!
Joelle XO