Sunday, November 9, 2008

Success is a state of mind

I was listening to Craftcast earlier today. Alison Lee, the host, was talking about the nature of success in her last podcast. She suggested that we need to update and redefine what success means to us to keep growing creatively. It really struck home with me.

My recent close calls to moving up the ladder in acting still stings. I really thought about Alison's words. It's time for me to look at my acting life from a new perspective. When I started drama school after college in the 90's, I was surrounded by a group of wonderful actors. We were all confident and looking forward to the future. As the years have gone, many I knew left their dreams behind for many different reasons. Some have formed new dreams. Most have left acting because of rejections, financial instability, too few good roles,etc. The list is endless.

But, me who was always called hardheaded. (And I still am) Well, I just keep going. I love acting. It has been my dream to be to be a working and successful actor. In the middle of the night when I feel my lowest, the dream shines brightest in my inner sight. A voice whispers just go to that one more audition. That is how I have kept going as an actor.

Success to me is not all about money or fame. It's also about patience, dedication and faith in yourself even through challenging times. If you met me at 15, I would tell I'm going to be an actor when I grow up. If you met at 25, I tell you that I'm actor. You meet me now, I am still an actor. I audition. I act on stage and in independent films. I constantly work on my monologues,and, actively pursue work.

So today, I am celebrating myself as an actress. Just thinking about my expanded idea of success makes me feel good and strong. Success starts within and then moves outward. Success is truly a state of mind.


Lady Prism said...

You're cool, you know that? I wish i could really see you like face to face. it would be cool to have a friend whose an actress, specially a New York actress..very chic ha!ha!

I believe in you. You're authentic. I can almost hear your voice. It has all the right tones, the right decibel that speak success. You're a happy person and you're already there.

Have a happy week! mwah!

Shell said...

You are the best, Lady Prism!!! You have a wonderful week too. Who knows maybe we will meet someday. For now, I'm just a blog away.

mermaid musings said...

me too! I am so glad to think that I know someone who is an actress!!!
I feel giggly and special to know you.

p.s I LOVE NY so i know i will visiting you very soon dear.

Lilli Blue said...

I always am amazed by how the code to post relates to the post. For this post it is "trial". I was an actress when I was younger. i have been many things since but my heart always goes back to the part of me that loves to tell stories as a character. A girl friend of mine is 65 and has never acted. She is a wonderful actress, she has done one play now. Yesterday she auditioned for " Lost in Yonkers" and got a call back. She is 65 and still doing new things and living the dream. Bless you and nice to meet you. visit my blog it is a fun new post every monday. Lilli

iHanna said...

Hi, thanks for the comment in my blog. Loved this post, so great!

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