Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Monday

I hope Monday finds everyone feeling good and happy. I had a great interview for a seasonal job. I'm so hoping I'll get it. It is creative and the pay is decent. Since I need a day gig right now, I rather have fun while I work. It has something to do with goodies like this: and.

I should know by tomorrow whether I got the gig or not. I had a great Halloween hanging out with my Twin to celebrate her birtday. On Sunday I was doing some serious blog partying. There were two parties: One for Day of Dead celebration and the other for the Birthday of Marie Antoinette. The amount of creativity, imagination, beauty I found at all these wonderful blogs are inspiring. I had so much fun. I love blog parties!!! We all have so much creativity inside waiting to come out. I say let it out and express all of you. The world needs this.

I feel we are all artists. Everyone's medium is different. Also, thanks for all the great love on the Beauty and The Beast video I did. I'm going to work on some more videos. I have ideas just surfing in my Aquarian mind.

One more thing, tomorrow is Election Day. Please get off your chairs, unplug for a bit of time and Vote! Please remember, people have marched, been beaten up, harassed, jailed and killed for the right for all Americans in every color and creed to vote. Don't waste their sacrifices by not voting.


Michelle said...

Glad you had some fun blog hopping at all the parties! Thanks for stopping by for the marie antoinette one! please visit again later this week as I have art to show from a class I taught on sunday making day of the dead crafts,

btw, I'm a Aquarius also. Feb,13
and I LOVE the colors on your blog!

Sacred Suzie said...

I really hope that you get the job Shell, you deserve it for sure!

I support all those voters out there in the U.S. Us Canadians are looking forward to some positive changes down south of us.

mermaid musings said...

yes we all are LIFE artists!
p.s. now you got me curious about that Marie Antoinette party, gotta go and click that link ;-)

Marie Antionette said...

Good luck with the new job,You have a really nice blog,with interesting things.Hugs Marie Antionette

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