Friday, July 11, 2008


Sunset is stretched across the sky. Night is almost here. I love the long summer nights when the days seems to go on forever. The nights have their own sparkle to it. There is something about summer that makes anything seem possible around this time. So I wish you all a beautiful Friday night. Here is an old favorite of mine from Miss Jackson from way back in the 80's. I so wish she had did a video for this song!! Well, enjoy.


Sacred Suzie said...

Oh how I remember loving this album while I was working at Canada's Wonderland! I have so many happy memories associated with it.

Sounds like you had a beautiful even where you are. Nothing like fun and happy summer nights.

Shell said...

Yes, I loved this album too. This and the title cut control was my fave. I'm doing my best to enjoy my summer nights even on my a budget.

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