Little Glimpses

The best thing about being a blogger is all the wonderful people I have met and became friends with on-line. I feel that whatever art you do, we should all support one another. Since I don't have cash to spend, I figure I can do the next thing.

One of my favorite ladies online Mystele is holding a giveaway on her blog called Little Glimpses. She is a self-taught folk artist. She makes heavenly angels and little girls among other artwork. So go on over and show Mystele some love. You will not be disappointed at all.

Finally, I figured out how to put a link with a person's name. Took me what five months to get that. Sometimes I can be a bit slow. Anyway, all you have a wonderful Tuesday!!


mystele said...

so sweet, shell!!! thank you so much. i've got your name in x 3! take care!

Shell said...

Your most, welcome. Glad I can spread the word about your artwork.

Sacred Suzie said...

What a beautiful way to share the love! I will check her blog out, thank you.

I am so glad you're participating with us on Friday! It's also going to be a solar eclipse, powerful stuff!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Congratulations on winning over at Little Glimpses (smiles). I just won an auction for a piece of Mystele's work on Ebay last week. I was soooooo jazzed!

Come visit me when you get a chance!